Character Creation Video (Simple Superheroes)


So this is a bit of a shameless plug for my Simple Superheroes RPG which I'll be kickstarting this Thursday.

But I am seriously interested if anyone has seen similar video's done by Game Designers, particularly about character creation but also game mechanic overviews.

Here is the video that I put together:


(hmm can't seem to make the youtube player show up in the post itself . . .)

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Some folks found the audio on the above link to be fairly quite. Here's a link to a series of videos with better sound.

Character Creation Instinct 5min
Simple Superhero Die Mechanics 3min
Character Creation: Eagle Man 11min
Character Creation: Replica 14min

I have found a few other kickstarters that have done some character gen videos but they tend to take a pretty different approach to it then I did.

(FYI - the kickstarter has already passed it's first stretch goal, check it out!)

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