Character Level Up Approvals


Working on Pirvinia's level-up approval. Cleaned up two minor issues (level on adventures page, Cha mod for handle animal) which had no final effect on character. Found an addressable issue: Headband of Alluring Charisma +4 appearls to be underpriced: 10000gp compared to the 16000gp from the book. Noted the cost change and left rebalancing of gear to you. Let me know when you're ready.
Please check again. I decided to use 2 DMC to help make up the difference and then removed Mithral from a buckler.


Aelspeth Noromiel is APPROVED for level 3. The only changes I made was changing 'Misc' modifier to initiative to 'Feat' and correcting 13 total skill ranks to 20 (matching your allocation).

I note you removed the text which activates how your character presents on the adventures page and such, and I assume you'd want to put it back in. Here it was as of level 2:

|Picture_Filename=Aelspeth Noromiel.png
|Class_and_Level=Wizard 2

PS: I'll be trying to slog through the backlog starting tomorrow. But I figured getting one out tonight would be a good start.


Cruendithas is APPROVED for 6th level. See you in Pirate Treasure. Yarrrr.

Minor Changes made:
[sblock=disclosure]Updated level to 6 to display correctly on Adventures Page
Updated allocation of Favored Class bonuses under race to +6 HP
Corrected cost of Wand of Shild (42 cgs) to 630 gp[/sblock]


Now that I got my new game launched, I'll be pushing these through, starting with Arradon. Sorry for the delays.


I APPROVED Arradon for level 3. The only minor changes were specifying Misc Attack bonuses as coming from his Masterwork weapons. (Generally you want to specify Misc adjustments. the 'Misc' in the character sheet is merely a sort of placeholder.)

Have fun!


I did some pre-approval work on Dunkel. [sblock=disclosure]- Edited Char_info_DIV so level would appear properly (5th)
- Fixed apparent error in HP expression for CON bonus, total did not change.
- His AC is correct, but Scale Mail +3 is an expensive way of arriving there. Consider, for example: Breastplate +1 (1350gp) and Heavy Steel Shield +1 (1170gp) for the same AC
- Removed ‘new loot’ note on MW Battleaxe as it was acquired in ROUS3.
- Increased Saving Throw bonuses from Protection Domain by 1 for just making 5th, and resultant overall saves.
- Noted skill point taken five times as favored class bonus.
- You were missing the extra 3rd level spell from wisdom. I added it to your daily casting limit. Your current spell rack is one spell short at levels 1, 2, and 3, unless full removal is how you're tracking depleted spells.[/sblock]

However, he is missing his level 3 and level 5 feats. You'll need to select and add those, then I can push through your approval real quick, so NOT YET.
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