Character Level Up Approvals

This thread is to request review of a character you have leveling up. Just post a link to your character here, any special notes and a judge will be by to approve.
Reviewing Anna:
A) squeezed in the +1 from 4th level in the abilities section.
B) HP, the base HP from HD went from 14 to 18. Fixed.
C) BAB went from 1 to 2. Fixed. You are no longer at a negative to slap someone. :p
D) Even on the skills you cannot use, I filled in the ability bonuses.
E) I filled in the DCs for your spells.
F) Why did you take Hideous Laughter at fourth? It is your automatic bloodline spell at fifth. I don't know if you can take a different spell as your bloodline slot if you already have the default one. So, it is probably a good idea to choose a different spell for learned at fourth level. There are several compulsion spells that look interesting. Oppressive Boredom looks nice at DC 21. I don't think you get the language dependent boost, but all the other DC boosts add up. UM spells are available as of Nov 18th. Bungle is an awesome looking first level spell for your swap in.
G) Inventory: Traveling a bit light? ;)

So, I highly suggest picking a different 2nd level spell that you learned at fourth level. Other than that, I APPROVE Anna for fourth level play.


When someone gets a chance, Borric Hawkins and Sylvain Marana are in the Awaiting Approval category for their leveling up to 5th level.


I am reviewing Syl.

I cleaned up a lot of formatting things and filled in some stuff as well in most sections. Mainly with the adventure links because it is the same as Borric's and I could copy it across.

Before Approving there are some things that need to be checked:
1. Add in where the skill points were spent for each level up
2. The Skill Points total was off by one. The headband is a temporary bonus to Intelligence. It will allow for extra spells per day, but not Skill Points. So Syl's Intelligence is effectively 19 for determining Skill Points
3. I looked at your headband and there was some mistakes on that, I fixed them.
4. You need to include a log of changes to Walter too as you level up.

I have not looked at finances yet. Mainly because he is suffering from medium encumbrance and if he went shopping with Borric, then he would have probably bought a masterwork backpack and a belt pouch or something to alleviate the encumbrance issues. In any case, his total weight is 31 lbs, 5 over the limit for light encumbrance


Thanks PM. I somehow never knew this thread existed!

I'll get Waltor fixed.

Also, at 5th level, I don't think I have a pressing need for the tanglefoot bag and the flasks of acid. Selling those will get Syl back to light encumbrance.
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Please rebuild Walter from the Greensting Scorpion familiar in the Ultimate Magic book, chapter 2. Now that is the official version of the critter, and not the one on the pfsrd20 site. I always argued against a tiny creature with a 50' movement. ;)
Reviewing Borric:
1) Flail attack is at +11, not +10; separated flails, as CI version does not have +1 to damage that the magic version does.
2) In the adventure log, please list the values of the treasure items receive, or a grand total for each section. I shouldn't have to go back to the book to look up numbers.

Borric is APPROVED for fifth level.
Reviewing Saranna: (Sorry for the delay, busy week offline)
A) Fixed a few skill totals: UMD, Linguistics and Kn Local were off.
B) I rearranged the Adventure logs with totals for each section.
C) Recorded TXP, TGP from current game and added to your finances.

Saranna is APPROVED for third level.
Reviewing Sylvain Marana:
The only issue is finances. I show you as earning 1,374 more gp than you have in items. (including the Handy Haversack that is on commission) But, you haven't recorded how much has been used in potions and scrolls to teach your familiar spells. So, I have no idea where your finances should be. We need some kind of marker as to what consumables you have used, or this large discrepancy will get worse as you level.

Other than finances, I APPROVE Sylvain for fifth level.
Reviewing Ni so he can go back out adventuring:
A) I marked the new spells you learned in the level up section. I try to do that for all spontaneous casters.
B) I fixed the url in the adventure log.
C) Go spend some gold! Otherwise you are simply walking, red shirt mook treasure for the bad guys. :p
D) The summoned eagle is now augmented. I adjusted its stats.

Ni is APPROVED for second level.
Reviewing Fulgrim:
A) You took the extra rage FC again so I marked it in the racial features section. It was marked elsewhere as taken the third time.
B) Feats formatting: killed another scroll bar!
C) A potion of Enlarge Person should be 50 gp instead of 250. Fixed.
D) With a total earnings of 3954 gp - 3031.78 inventory - 325.1 consumed - 480 gems should leave 117 gp, 1 sp, 2 cp in coins. I will let you re-add and see if we get the same numbers.

Fulgrim is APPROVED for third level.


Reviewing Fulgrim:
C) A potion of Enlarge Person should be 50 gp instead of 250. Fixed.
D) With a total earnings of 3954 gp - 3031.78 inventory - 325.1 consumed - 480 gems should leave 117 gp, 1 sp, 2 cp in coins. I will let you re-add and see if we get the same numbers.

Fulgrim is APPROVED for third level.
Great! Since the Enlarge potion was cheaper than I thought I took the second one I had already rolled for in the Pearl.

I re-tallied the gold and you are right, I must have messed up figuring the gems in at some point when figuring out how much cash on hand I had. Since I took the extra potion at 50gp I updated my wealth to 67gp, 1sp, 2cp as your numbers looked accurate.

Thanks SK!
Reviewing Fae'shiel Aeros:
I added where you spent the skill points and the languages picked up to the leveling block. I also marked the +1 HP for FC as taken twice.

Fae'shiel is APPROVED for second level.
Reviewing Marcus:
I tweaked a couple displays and added the urls to the adventure logs and corrected the XP counts.
But, there is a show stopper. You can only take as many ranks in a skill as you have character levels. In perception, you have 4 ranks listed, but are only second level. So, those other two points have to be redistributed elsewhere.

D'oh! That's a 3E issue. :p Used to the ranks being equal to your level +3 :p

Will reassign.

Update: Updated. Removed to Ranks from Perception, moved 1 into Know Nature and 1 to Stealth.