WOIN Charging spells and combat


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So I have a spell it creates chains around a person and uses the secret of metal
If I wanted to apply that against an enemy I can think of 4 ways
1. against an unaware person/sleeping it would be an automatic success because they aren't resisting
2. by casting the spell against them a standard MAG vs DEF check
3. by charging the spell into an object like an arrow or sword and then hitting them with that object
4. charging it to a doorframe and when they walk through it the chains appear around them and unless they are expecting the trap it succeeds if not a MAG vs DEF
In case number 3 do 2 attribute checks have to be made? both ATK vs DEF and then MAG vs DEF?
Does this apply to every charged spell unless they aren't resisting?

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Well, that was fun
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Attacks aren’t automatic successes against unaware targets, only helpless ones. If the target is not willing, an attack roll is required in all four cases.

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