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(Links to Itch, DTRPG Free & Full, and Google Drive are here at the top for those who want to click straight to them)

Happy New Year! It’s been a long but fruitful few years working on Chasing Adventure. What started as a hack of Dungeon World has now become it’s own fantasy action-adventure PbtA game.

What is Chasing Adventure?​

Chasing Adventure is a fast-paced game about daring adventurers in a dangerous fantasy world. Players create formidable would-be-heroes who meet incredible people, discover powerful treasure, explore extraordinary environments, make desperate sacrifices, and celebrate triumphant victories. Constant obstacles and tragedies befall them, yet they endure, overcome, and chase adventure anew.

This is a game about taking exciting risks, about deciding if it’s worth it to keep pushing forward and risk falling to an enemy, or if it’s safer to take a break and give the Ominous Forces in the world a chance advance their agendas. It is a game where death itself is rare, but consequences are many. Where you act boldly, recklessly even, and live to regret it later.

What’s Changed With the 1.0 Update?​

In short, a lot! Since the last update in July of 2022, the game has completely switched layouts from landscape to portrait. For those who prefer landscape, the printouts and references chapter still uses landscape, and a lot less imagery to save on printing costs.

We’ve also added art! The cover and each chapter has a gorgeous half-page spread that evokes the feeling Chasing Adventure is going for.

I put together a quick album showing the difference between 0.9 and 1.0.

Many chapters have been significantly expanded, including an overhauled Rewards system, dozens of additional Assets, NPCs, Magic Items and more.

Character creation has been refined, with a guide on creating a character, many Playbooks getting new or updated Moves, and a step-by-step procedure for changing Playbooks.

Also a mountain mountain of tips, comments, examples, and designer’s notes have been added to in grey italic notes all over the book to help make the game more easily understandable.

How Can I Read It For Myself?​

You can get the free version of Chasing Adventure through Itch, DTRPG, and Google Drive.

There is also the full version with two additional chapters for $10. You can get it through Itch (same link as above) and DTRPG (different link as above).

With this update, the price of Chasing Adventure’s Full Version will be increasing to $20…in a week. So if you or someone you know was waiting on buying it, now is a good time.

The full version of the game includes over 40 additional pages. The Tables & Generators chapter has tables to roll for Friends, Locations, Enemies, Treasures, and Adventure outlines to tie them all together. It also has a series of tables for creating new and interesting magic item ideas. The Advanced Play chapter has sections on Optional Rules, PvP, Writing Drives, Analyzing and Writing Moves and Playbooks, and Playing Solo or in an Open Table. It also includes examples and writing guides for Adventure Starters, to jump into the action fast, and for Legends, mini-playbooks that expand a PC’s capabilities.

What’s Next?​

The first priority is to launch the Chasing Adventure website, which should be complete in January. After that, getting form-fillable and VTT character sheets up and available.

In the long term we’re preparing for a hardcover kickstarter print run to happen later this year!

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