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Check Out The Cover of Green Ronin's Modern AGE

Green Ronin has revealed the cover of Modern AGE, the contemporary version of their Fantasy AGE ruleset. The Adventure Game Engine is Green Ronin's universal ruleset, which began with Dragon Age, continued with Fantasy AGE, and which powers Will Wheaton's Titansgrave setting and Blue Rose. Modern AGE will have its own settings, too, including the World of Lazarus, based on the comic series by Greg Rucka.


While Fantasy AGE covered medieval fantasy eras, Modern AGE describes the period from the 18th century to the near future. The game engine is known for its stunts system, divided into areas of action, exploration, and social play. And while Fantasy AGE had classes, Modern AGE is classless.

The cover above feature the socially-fused Sean, the ex-military Brian McLaughlin, and the martial artist Amy Wilson.

Find out more about the cover over at Green Ronin's website.
Russ Morrissey



First Post
I'm curious. I loved Fantasy AGE and Titansgrave, but I just couldn't find anyone interested in them.

Maybe Modern AGE, with the lack of a really good successor to d20 Modern, will fill that slot.


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