D&D 5E Check Out The Full Monsters of the Multiverse Cover Art

The wraparound cover art for January's Monsters of the Multiverse -- an updated compilation of existing D&D monsters -- has been revealed. The cover features an astral dreadnaught, the same monsters which adorned AD&D's Manual of the Planes in 1987.

The front cover had been revealed previously, but this is the clearest picture yet of the full art piece by Greg Rutkowski. Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse is part of the 3-book gift set which also includes Xanathar's Guide to Everything and Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, all together in a slipcase.


Monsters of the Multiverse is "a treasure trove of creature related material from previous products compiled into one book and updated." Improvements are based on feedback, rebalancing monsters with new and old art.

The book contains over 250 monsters, and 30 playable races, including all of the setting agnostic races that have been published outside the Player's Handbook.

Some content from Witchlight, Fizban's, and Strixhaven was influenced by Monsters of the Multiverse.

The books is available first in the gift set, but will also be available separately later in the year.
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5e Freelancer
For those buying this that already own the other books, can I ask why? I am not judging, curious....
New freshy stat blocks; New freshy art; Convenient one-stop-shopping (book).

EDIT: Oh, and 30+ races, also in new format and all-in-one-place.
Yeah, exactly this. I'm not buying it in the Gift Set, I'll wait until it's released on its own, but I do want the updated races, stat blocks, and lore (if it has it).


Golden Procrastinator
I'll probably get the digital version, since I have the other monster books in print, and when playing online it's more convenient to look things up on the computer.
It's not available as a pre-order on D&D Beyond (while the March adventure is). I wonder if it will be sold only when MMoM will be released on its own or if they'll just update the stats on the previous books.

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