Chicago Gameday 34 is March 23rd: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

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First Post
Please remove me from the afternoon Durance game. I forgot about a friend's wedding I will be attending later and I don't wish to be late and create enemies :)


First Post
No love for my Kung Fu event so far. :(

Buzz, I'll give it few more days but if I do not have at least 3 signs up by this weekend, please cancel the event.

Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
Looks like Minis Naval combat is a no go, also. Let's cancel my morning game and sign me up for Morning Game 8: MKISHTAR, please. :)

Isawa Hochiu

First Post
Would there be any interest in seating Dawn Patrol into that morning slot? I tried to PM this to Buzz for advance permission but his inbox is full. Hope you are having a great road trip Buzz! :D

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