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Chicago Gameday 35 is July 13th: SIGN UP TO PLAY


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Thanks to Jason, Scott, Natalie, Russ, Chris and Bug for helping make this gameday great, and giving All Flesh Must Be Eaten a chance even though they never played it before. You were an awesome group!

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Amazing time as usual. Huge thanks to our hosts at Games Plus.

Thanks so much to my morning Feng Shui game--my rules prep was embarrassing, and you rock for putting up with it.

Buzz, that game was awesome. Very low expectations --just didn't seem like something I'd love--but I was blown away. Fan-freaking tastic.


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Another gameday in the books! What a great time!

Thanks so much to Trevalon Moonleirion for a fun romp through the crazy action that is Feng Shui. I've wanted to play this game on several occasions, but you have always been running it in slots in which I have also been running games. It did not disappoint this morning! I have to wonder, however, what happened to the Southpaw creature? He's probably still out there...and pissed! I smell a sequel...

Additional thanks to Genevieve80 for the madness of InSpectres! I laughed so hard that my throat is now hoarse, and I regret nothing. Well...nothing except for taking that internship, I suppose. The "confessional" mechanic is pretty darn brilliant. I am certainly going to be picking up that book. Too bad that Games Plus didn't have it in stock, or I'd have it right now.

All in all, a great time was had by me and my buddy Brett (PantoneWizard), who had never played a table-top RPG before. He thoroughly enjoyed it and asked when the next one would be happening.

And as always, thanks to Curt, Games Plus, the staff, and to Buzz for organizing our silly mayhem. Looking forward to doing it all in a few months!


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Had a blast and Gameday 35 thank to everyone who helped make is happen. Throughly enjoyed testing Eric (Fairman Rogers) new setting, Steamscapes for Savage Worlds. We are definitely looking forward to picking up Steamscapes this week.

[SIZE=+1]Morning Game 7: Steamscapes: Automatic Murder and Steamscapes: Rivalry[/SIZE]

First... An inventor's exhibition of a new automaton becomes the scene of a foul and mysterious crime! A steampunk murder mystery in the world of Steamscapes:North America.

Then... A Wells Fargo stagecoach has been robbed of its very sensitive cargo, and it’s up to you to get it back! A steampunk adventure in the world of Steamscapes:North America


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Thanks to Vyvyan Basterd for running Deniable Asset and enabling me to be a kickass spy (though I never did get that mp3 player!!!) And Laurie and Josh for being awesome to play alongside, as always!

Thanks to all my InSpectres players for an amazing game- I would seriously enjoy the movie of your antics. In the sequel, the movie would start at another Denny's...

Thanks to Buzz for organizing and Games Plus for hosting! Another awesome Gameday!


Another great Gameday!

We had a solid turnout of about 43 attendees who participated in two timeslots of six and seven events each, respectively. I saw a lot of familiar faces and quite a few new ones.

Photos I took are available on your photo-sharing site of choice:


I want to thank all of our attendees for taking time out of their weekends to come play with us. I want to thank all of our volunteer GMs for all of their efforts in preparing games for us. And of course I want to thank Games Plus for being our host venue once again.

Extra-special thanks to everyone who played games with me: Willow, Tim, Tim, Jason, Matt, Natalie, and John. And double-extra thanks for Shari for bringing all of those frosted cupcakes! I think I ate like four of them!

Stay tuned for announcement of the date for Gameday 36, coming this Fall.


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W0000, GameDay!

That was another one for the books, a grand time was had all day long! It's always a pleasure to see everybody again, even people I only saw in passing rather than played a game with. Breakfast was fun, even if I only made the tail end of it (but mine was not the last meal served, hah!)

Thanks to Kelly for an interesting spy adventure in the morning- -I'm still not real sure about the brainwipe thing, and the system does clunk a little, but it was still a lot of fun. Laurie always makes for a fun story, and Jenn was fantastically on the same page with both of us (their simultaneous dropping of Whatshisface the Mook was far too fantastic.)

Special thanks to my afternoon players, who made my first experience running MotW/Apo-Wo mechanics a great time. I didn't use the rules nearly as much as I should have (did I even injure anybody?!), but I did see how using them would work, and it definitely made for a fast-paced story, which was very cool. It wasn't half as cool as the random backstory created by everyone's History choices, though! To Laurie, Dylan, Widget, Mark, and Sarah, Thanks for making my first time running an Apo-Wo-based game so much fun. I'm definitely going to have to try this again at some point (and it'll be even better, promise!), and I hope to see many of you there!

And as always, Extra Special Thanks to buzz for administrating this madhouse, and to Games Plus for hosting us. Your efforts and generosity are most definitely appreciated!
And somebody (Jenn, maybe?) mentioned Supernatural having been missing from the GameDay roster of late...that can and most certainly will be rectified! Winchester-style monster hunting will return next GameDay!

See Y'all Then!

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