Chicago Gameday 36 is October 19th: SIGN UP TO PLAY!


Buzz, please sign me up for Game 12: Supernatural: Rock & Roll Will Live Forever.

Please add me to Marvel in the Morning.
ADDED! Marvel is now FULL.

Game 2 in the morning please.

Eeeek, I bring Supernatural back and it overloads!

Then again, I have a history of adding a 7th seat for Nat, and Jim & Mike already game together and know most of the table, so I'll go ahead and add TWO extra seats, to fit all interested parties. However, should anyone have to cancel, just remove their seat and we'll leave it at just one extra.
Spots added and filled!

Please sign me up for FAE Star Wars Behind Enemy Lines.

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First Post
Please put me down for Slot 1 1. STAR WARS: Behind Enemy Lines, Fate Accelerated

and Slot 2 Dawn Patrol.


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