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Chicago Gameday 41 is July 11th: run an event or come to play!

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Nev the Deranged

First Post
So, I think I'm gonna pull my game. Getting too close to the wire to prep and only one seat filled. I'll see if any of the morning games looks interesting.


It looks like we have a few events that have few to no players signed up as of today. If the GMs of these events would like to all their games form the schedule, we can do that; I just need to know sooner rather than later.

If you don't pull your event, then I'm going to assume that you will show up on Saturday ready to run for any walk-ins, consolidations, or last-minute sign-ups.

There seems to be ample room in our other events for any GMs who pull their events or any displaced players. Feel free to jump in another event so you can still enjoy Gameday!


First Post
I'm going to show up and try to run both my games, hopefully some walk-ins/converts from my morning session will fill in the afternoon one.

At least I have a players guide to show off this time!


I will be there as well. I will have a 'backup game' of Covert Ops with me as well in case that I ran at Gameholecon last year that can go with a much smaller pool of players if needed.
The show must go on :)


First Post
I'll come ready to run still. The game can run OK with as few as 3 players including myself, so if I get even a couple of walk-ins I'll be good to go.

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