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Blue Island Game (south suburb)

candidus_cogitens said:
Calling all Chicago gamers. Post your openings here!

I just moved to the area and I've found it impossible to connect with other gamers. I'd like to join an active group of mature players.

I'd also like to start up a group of my own. I'll host a game in Lansing. It will be a mostly homebrew campaign, with a high plot element--as opposed to hack-n-shlash, though there's a time and place for that as well.

Reply on this board, or email me at mojofilter1113@msn.com.

Blue Island group looking to add one or two players. We meet in my garage (air conditioned), every other Saturday morning. Currently we have 4 players and a DM, except for my 12 year old son, we are all in mid 30's with many many years experience. We have 4 campaigns going, each taking approximately 3 months, before moving on and eventually returning to each campaign all set currently in different regions of FR. We are a non smoking environment. Next game is scheduled for first Saturday in August.

If interested email me @ thorun@comcast.net


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Kid Charlemagne

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omokage said:
1040 W Granville isn't in Lincoln Park, that's Edgewater, but I'm nitpicking.

Shhhh! If he finds that out, he'll think he should pay $200 less a month in rent.

In any case, I'm in two different groups:

The Saturday group meets most Saturday afternoons/evening in either the North Side or Evanston and rotates through three games (one of them mine). It's a pretty casual, primarily friends-gathering kind of game.

The Sunday groups meets every other Sunday noon to 8pm in Villa Park and is a little more serious. I'm running that game. We may be looking for a player, depending on if the one potential new player we've got in mind comes through.

Players in both groups range from late twenties to early forties.
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Me and two buddies are looking for more players on the south side. We play at the DM's apartment, near the 2800-block of S. Archer. Recently we've been dabbling in Mutants and Masterminds, but our DM ran a fantastic Forgotten Realms campaign until he moved to his current address (forcing two of our group to bow out).

I live in Hyde Park (very near the Ratner Center if you know where that is), and am 25. I live with my U of C med school student girlfriend and would be willing to DM an Eberron game at our apartment if folks are interested.

As a side note, I recently moved out of 1040 W. Granville!!! I lived in Apt. 508 until I moved in late June, it's too bad we never met, omokage.


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I'm looking for players for a Greyhawk game in Lakeview (around Clark/Belmont). We're losing a player to Law School. We've had a small group, so we've been using gestalt rules, and will probably continue to do so unless we get four or more total. We meet weekly, either wed or Thurs 7-11:30 pm.

We're just about to start part 4 of the Age of Worms. If interested, contact me at thomas@goliam.com . Thanks.
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Man, someone casts raise dead on this thread!

Hell, me running a SL game seems far and away.

In terms of success, Scott and I had a lot of great games in his Masks of Nythrope game and some interesting one shots in Eberron and Warhammer.


Might be looking for a player or two to add to my Red Hand of Doom, every other Sunday game @ Games Plus in Mount Prospect. Please, see Attachment for email address.


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Just moved to Chicago from Iowa and im looking for a group to game with or to help run games. I have played or GM’d: Shadowrun (3rd edition), DnD 3 and 3.5 (forgotten realms, dragonlance, and homebrewed), Mutants and masterminds , D20 modern, and serenity. Most of these were one shot’s except for long running MnM/DnD/and shadowrun campaigns.

I’m on the south side near Sox Park, I am noticing the complete lack of gaming stores around here too, anyone have any suggestions?

Would prefer a group on the Southside but I’m willing to commute a bit.


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yeah Ive been seeing alot about that store, its just painful to drive for an hour, heh. I guess I was spoiled while I was in college there was gaming stores (3 of them) within 10-15 mins drive.


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Fenthen said:
yeah Ive been seeing alot about that store, its just painful to drive for an hour, heh.

Set some time aside... The hour drive is worth it.

Also... If you'd rather not drive but are close to the Metra, the Mt. Prospect Metra station is within sight of Games Plus -- about a block and a half away.

Finally... Keep an eye out for the thrice annaul Chicago Gameday, orginzed through EN World and hosted at Game Plus. It's a good excuse to visit the store, and an excellent way to meet Chicago Area gamers. The next gameday will probably happen in late October or early November... Look for signup threads in the General Discussion forum in a month or so.

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