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Children of the Mud

Deuce Traveler

Lem approaches the Whitecloak and takes a piece of ginger cookie out of his bag, offering it to the man, "Always nice to see a peace officer. You must have your hands full lately, though. May I ask your name, sir? How you find your work of late." He gives the biggest cherub smile he can muster.


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Lem catches the man at a moment when the lady acolyte has to step away from the conversation in order to tend to various temple duties. He blinks a bit, not having been paying much attention to anybody or anything but the pretty lady, even after she stepped away. After a second, he takes the cookie, and still keeping his eyes mostly on the pretty lass, replies slowly. He doesn't mention his name, but the precise reason is hard to judge, as most of his attention is still focused on the acolyte, who seemed disinterested to his attentions even when talking to him directly, and is not paying either him or any of you any particular attention as she goes about her routine duties about the sanctuary. "Works the same as always; boring patrols followed by excessively detailed reports that contain nothing of particular value. Would that we had a good war to liven things up; I'm tired of dealing with petty crime."
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Deuce Traveler

Lem nods sympathetically, "I can't help but notice the young lady. If I may, who is she and what are her duties around here? If I might say, I notice you seem to fancy her a bit and was wondering if you have ever introduced yourself to her. I can't help but think that she should like the attention, unless she is one of those acolytes married only to her god and churchly works."


"The girl's a nice visual distraction in a colorless world, not much else. Already gave her name and most of her sanity to the Prophet fellow all the folks here seem to follow, her voice to the dwarf, exchanging it for a bland, montone, bass voice that would sound strange in the most dwarfy of dwarves; her only interest seems be becoming a mindless slave to a crazy psychopath. I'm disappointed quite frankly; even the crazy high priest is no more colorful than most of the drunks in this cess pool of a city." With that and a final groan of digust aimed more or less at the attendents to the temple, he turns and limps out of the room. Apparently, no matter how crazy these folks are, it's still not crazy enough to have an impact on a highly jaded cynic that this particular guard clearly is.


As the rest of the group watches this interaction, they hear a perfect soprano voice behind them what business brings them to the temple. Turning around, they see the dwarf acolyte. His lessons over, the high priest has moved on to talking to the aasimar acolyte, who is listening attentively.

Deuce Traveler

Out of ideas, Lem tries to look as unassuming as possible in his regular clothes, and he heads straight for the talking pair. "Oh wow, you're like an aasimar. That's so awesome. I mean, not totally as awesome as being one of me, but pretty darn close. Do you think you could sprout big wings and fly someday, and if so, like what would they look like. I'm betting bright and pretty, like white or blue feathers. It would be doubly awesome cool if you could get like a halo or something where it would shine ever bright even in dark places. You would be everybodies best friend if that could happen, because you could help look under furniture for loose change and things fallen between cracks. I'm like, a cook and stuff, and maybe I could cook for you or something, because even angel like people need heavenly food, am-I-rite? So what are you two talking about? I bet it's triple awesome stuff, and I really want to help outs because you are so pretty and cool and stuff... I want to hang out with you and just say I know you to all my friends later. Is that cool?"



The pair listens to the crazy sounding halfling quietly. When it was clear that the halfling was finished talking, it was the high priest that spoke, in an answer that despite all of it's nonsense was very clearly meant very seriously, "You can all of those things yourself, my son. No need to see if others can sprout them. Give yourself to the prophet, free yourself from the evil bonds that tie your free spirit to one body and you can not only have all of these things yourself, but you can aid others in freeing their spirits from the chains that bind them to an unforgiving and unrelenting world. If you truly wish to help, seek out the Prophet in the marshes outside of town; show your willingness to give all of yourself to the cause, as these two fine acolytes have done, and the Prophet will give you the tools you need to be free from your chains so that you may help free others." The female acolyte nods reverently and adds, in a deep voice that would seem out of place coming from most dwarves, "Seek the jellyfish of the sky, and they shall lead you to the Prophet as they have myself and others."


Impressed by Lem's success so far in getting the nuts to spill the beans, Menik stays back to let him continue.

Jellyfish of the sky ... clouds? Reminds me of the time we fought a thunderstorm ... and won.


Larissa opens her eyes wide as if receiving enlightenment from the priests' words, and nods in vigorous gratitude for the sage advice.

I wish Barion were here, she reflects, recalling an acolyte she had trained with. This would have been right up his alley. But there would be no help there. Barion had been expelled from the Order and consigned to the care of the Hospitalers after he had eaten all of those mushrooms and tried to fly off of the roof of the West Tower.

[sblock=Larissa stat block]
Initiative: +0
AC: 22 (22 flat-footed, 11 Touch)
HP: 93 Current: 93
CMB: +11 CMD: 22
Fort: +10 Reflex: +2 Will: +9 (currently wearing Cloak of Resistance)
PER Roll: +3
Move: 30’ (w/boots of Striding & Springing)
Current Weapon in Hand: Greatsword

+2 Greatsword Attack: +14/+9 = [BAB(6/1) + STR(4) + WF(1) + Magic(2)]
Damage: 2d6+8, Crit: 19-20/x2,
Special: pommel is hollow, contains scripture
Pow Att w/+2 Greatsword Attack: +12/+7 = [BAB(6/1) + STR(4) + WF(1) + Magic(2) +PA(-2)]
Damage: 2d6+14, Crit: 19-20/x2,

Spells prepared:
0 Level (4) Level 01 (5+1) Level 02 (4+1)
* Detect Magic * Bless * Shatter
* Read Magic * Protection from Evil * Resist Energy
* Light * Detect Evil * Grace
* Guidance * Obscuring Mist * Zone of Truth
* *unassigned * D: Spiritual Weapon
* D: Shield of Faith

Level 03 (4+1) Level 04 (2+1)

* Speak with Dead * Summon Monster IV
* Remove Curse * Divination
* D: Holy Smite
* Dispel Magic
* Searing Light
* D: Heroism

Channeling at current level: Channel 4d6,
DC 18 =(10 + 1/2 Cleric lvl + CHA +2 for Glory) for
Undead to Save.


Deuce Traveler

Lem asks with a wide grin, "Jellyfish of the Sky? Oooh, I like that. Where do I start to look for them? In the marshes, right, but is there a place there they like to hang out? Oh, and can I pet them if I bring them fish food, or do they bite?"

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