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D&D 5E Chocolate in PB D&D - What genres can you mix with D&D?


Like the old fashion Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercials that talked about getting "your chocolate in my peanut butter", Descent into Avernus manages to mix a little Mad Max into D&D and create something flavorful. Some people liked it. Others, not so much. However, everyone should acknowledge it was distinctive.

What other things can you imagine mixing into your D&D? How would you use it in D&D?

I've mixed Star Trek TNG / Babylon 5 into D&D in the past with a Spelljammer campaign that explored the Astral Sea. The ship was full of heroes that were exploring the dark recesses of the Astral Sea with a mission to discover new trade opportunities for a conglomeration of merchants. However, their exploration put them in the center of a war between Gith, Illithid and residents of the Far Realm.

I've mixed Street Level Superheroes (Batman/Daredevil) into D&D with a gritty low level urban campaign where the PCs started out protecting a local block of business from a thieves guild and then built up to protecting the entire city from an invasion.

I've mixed Walking Dead / Y The Last Man into D&D with the Orcus Curse, a curse that struck dead the majority of the living creatures in the campaign setting and raised them all as forms of undead. The campaign ended prematurely, but like the Walking Dead, I used the undead as more of a backdrop and the other survivors as the true threats.

Dr. Who and D&D - I gave the PCs a castle that had a tower that allowed them to travel through time to three time frames. They were opposed by a foe inspired by Merlin that lived backwards. When he made changes to the future, it influenced his past. When the PCs changed the past, it changed the future. It was a series of chess moves. It was a fun idea, but it struggled in execution.

I've done the Matrix - the D&D game is actually a virtual reality scenario and the PCs are programs. They discover this, but realize they have to help solve a real world problem or their servers will be shut down (ending them). Flopped. There was a planned big reveal at the end that the PCs were not actually programs but were actually people illegally forced into the system to make it more realistic, but I mercy killed the game without the big reveal.

Athas and Eberron are amalgams of Post Apocalypse and WW I parallels.

What else have people done? Or what can they come up with?

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I mixed in Heist movies in an Eberron adventure, I’ve got a space opera we call Space Fantasy! that mixes Star Wars, Babylon 5, and other space opera/western stuff.

My friend has a homebrew that he uses to run a crime drama campaign.

For other easy examples check out all the seasons of Dimension20.


Magic Wordsmith
I've certainly done plenty of Indiana Jones + D&D. A lot of adventures lend themselves to that sort of thing. I've also done street level heroes before and am running a campaign like that now for a group other than my regular johns.

I ran LMoP as a Spaghetti Western.

Level Up!

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