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Clash of Steel up, normal link broken


The latest Dungeon adventure is up, Clash of Steel.

As usual the link given on WotC's page is broken (though the above works), and will probably not be fixed for quite a few hours.
This seems to happen every day now.

This time they wrote that it should be in the #171 folder, and not as it should be, #172.

That is, they wrote .../dungeon/171/172_Clash_of_Steel.pdf instead of .../dungeon/172/172_Clash_of_Steel.pdf where it is. :-S

That is an extremely annoying habit. Please, Wizards, it shouldn't be so hard to put the right link in place from the beginning.

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Thanks from me as well. Just glancing through this, it says this about the key NPC: "A jeweled patch, its gems outlining the form of a cat, covers her right eye as she gazes appraisingly at you."

The (rather attractive) picture of her on the first page shows the patch over the left eye.

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