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Clearing Out

Bold or Stupid

First Post
Okay I have the following small (really it's halfling sized) pile of books to sell, basically I'll take any offer that seems reasonable (plus postage/taking it into account) if you want the lot give me a shout and you can come to my place and pick it up as I'm not posting that many books...

*note for mods - if this is in the wrong place please move it!*

FR - Mysteries of the Moonsea
FR - Unapproachable East
FR - Serpent Kingdoms
FR - Lords of Darkness
FR - Underdark
FR - Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerun
FR - Power of Faerun
FR - Champions of Valor
FR - Player's Guide to Faerun
FR - Shining South
FR - Lost Empires of Faerun
FR - Races of Faerun
FR - Silver Marches
FR - Magic of Faerun
FR - Champions of Ruin

Planar Handbook
Players Handbook 1(*2)&2
Monster Manuals 1-4
Complete Mage
Complete Scoundrel
Complete Arcane
Complete Warrior
Complete Adventurer
Defenders of Faith
Tome and Blood
Song and Shadow
Defenders of the Wild
Book of Vile Darkness
Book of Exalted Deeds
Savage Species
DMG 1&2
Magic Item Compendium
Epic Level Handbook
Uneartherd Arcana
Spell Compendium
Exp Psionics Handbook
Tome of Magic

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First Post
If you were willing to break it up I might actually offer you enough to get you to sell what I want, but since your looking to sell it all together I definitely would not offer you enough, let alone with how high the shipping would be for all of those.


First Post
I think he's actually willing to break it up. I think he simply forgot some punctuation to indicate that if anyone was willing to buy the entire stock, he wasn't going to send it via mail but would require pickup instead.

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