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PF1E Clerics using Wisdom and Charisma


...I have been running a dwarven cleric. I have found my effectiveness limited, however, by the Charisma hit I took during character creation. My Channel Energy ability is weak due to a 'lower' Charisma score.

...Although I am unhappy with a major magical ability being dependent on a second stat, I am not sure there is anything that I can do about it.

...Does anybody know if there is a feat/ability to make Channel Energy a Wisdom-based ability instead of Charisma?

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To help with the saves on channeling:
Improved Channeling = +2 to the save DC if channeling to harm.

To help with the fewer number of channels:
Extra Channeling = +2 channels per day.

I know those only help you (a Dwarf) catch up to characters/builds that did not start with the penalty, and if those others (e.g. Humans) took the same feats, they are even better off. But that's really no different than an Elf taking Toughness or using the FCB for hit points in order to offset their Constitution penalty, or Rangers having no way to avoid Handle Animal or Wild Empathy as Charisma-based skills/abilities.


Guide of Modos
Channel energy is a secondary magic ability, just like the secondary ability that it depends on. Mace crushing and spellcasting are your primary magic abilities. The reason that ability is weak is because dwarves don't do it well. So, I suppose that you could go looking for a Belt of Multi-Races...

Give us your ability scores when you get a chance.


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Unless there is some character concept reason for a Dwarf with a high Dex, see if your DM will let you re-image your character a bit. Drop your Dex to 10, take the Armor Proficiency, Heavy feat, and reallocate the stat points to Wisdom and Charisma. The heavy armor should more then cover the loss of 2 AC from the Dex change. And a Dwarf doesn't really care about encumbrance anyway, the shambling mound of gear still moves at 20.


Guide of Modos
S. 14, D. 14, C. 14, I. 11, W. 16, Ch. 10

...We lost our fighter, so I'm a little more melee oriented now.

Well, assuming that you were allowed to choose your score arrangement, it looks like you're responsible for your "lower" score. I can't offer much sympathy if that's the case. And you shouldn't expect to be good at all things. :(


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What is a "weak" channel energy feature anyway? Not enough times/day, or are you looking at the DC? The DC only matters when you are trying to harm undead, and the dice of healing is not impacted by your charisma. Add the feat Extra Channeling and move your Dex to Cha to get you 4 more channels if that is what you are after.


Out of the box, you get 3 area heals/day that work best out of combat, when you don't risk healing enemies. As a freebie secondary ability, that's not too bad, especially at lower levels. But your spells and ability to use a cure light wands wand are your main strength. If out of combat healing is the issue, take a collection in the party for a couple of wands of cure light wounds.

Channeling is very much an optional ability. It really needs an investment in Charisma and feats to work well. With Selective Channeling, channel energy can be quite good in-combat channeling, and there are a number of good channeling feats.


I've played an Oracle of Life from level 1 (to currently Level 13) and I can say Channel Energy is flippin' fantastic in-combat (with selective channel, of course). There was one major combat at 12th level where I did nothing but keep the party on its feet for 4 rounds with channels and heals (sometimes twice a round!) where they could return fire and beat back the onslaught. It's not always the optimal thing to do, I acknowledge, but it kept people on their feet long enough to get out of the ambush.


First off, these are good scores. Before racial bonuses, these are 14, 14, 14, 12, 12, 11. Your arrangement is better suited for a monk. Here's what they should be (again, before racial adjustment, I'm assuming you rolled instead of point buy): S 14 D 12 C 12 I 11 W 14 C 14. The problem with these stats, you don't have any particularly high scores, nor particularly low scores. Which means you're not going to be particularly great at anything, but you're not going to be too bad at anything either.

Clerics can dump dex since they are one feat away from having heavy armor proficiency, instead of requiring 2 feats for extra channel and improved channel. And the only things clerics use int for skills.
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Hobbit on Quest
Get a charisma boosting item and move on. Multiple attribute dependency is a feature of the game that, if you ask me, too many classes, feats, and variations weaken. If you want to be better at channeling despite being a dwarf with a charisma penalty and despite putting a middling score in it, invest the resources to compensate.