CMG DMing Chat session archival thread

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What is the topic for the next CMG DMing Chat Session?

The topic we will explore Mon, Jan 13th 7pm central US will be Magic Item Creation: Striking a Balance

You can scroll down to see the topics from past sessions and check out the transcripts from those shows.

What are the CMG DMing Chat Sessions?

We, as a group, will be discussing many subjects having to do with preparing and running a game of D&D. We get started around 7pm (central USA time) every other Monday night and will run all as long as the discussion is flowing. They will be loosely moderated, open discussions and it always helps to have your rules books on hand. These sessions are developed so that we all can learn from one another, share our experience and tackle issues as a group. Please, join us no matter if you are new to DMing or a veteran.

How do you get there?

If you use an IRC client-

port: 6667
channel: #CMG

Alternately... provides a java chat page for those without an IRC client:

Just replace 'guest' with your desired nickname and use the dropdown menu to select the #dnd3e channel (that's the EN World chat channel for those who might not know).

Once inside, type-

/join #CMG

Should be a lot of interesting discussion by veteran DMs and those new to the experience. Come join the fun!

Here are the links to the DMing Chat Session transcripts housed in this thread.

Mon Oct 21, 2002 (Part One)
In part one we were looking at some specific problems that DMs are handling and round table discussion of solutions.

Mon Oct 21, 2002 (Part Two)
In part two, we took the time to fashion a short adventure as a group.

Mon Nov 4, 2002
A discussion about introducing new material into an ongoing campaign.

Mon Nov 18, 2002
Plot Hooks: Approaches Both Obvious and Subtle
A round table discussion about how to approach setting up plot hooks and how to adjust them for various groups.

Mon Dec 2, 2002
Plots Beyond the Hooks: How Much to Prepare?
A round table discussion about how to prepare in advance of the session and some suggestions on links and ways to prepare for your games.

Mon, Dec 16, 2002
DM Tools: Player Campaign Input
An inside look at the beginnings of a campaign being played online with DM Jonathan Brock (AKA Enrious).

Here are the links to the CyberCon Seminar transcripts housed in this thread.

Fri Oct 25, 2002
NPCs: From the Inside, Out - An examination of the inner motivations of fantasy/medieval NPCs; How to build them with plausible interests and plans.

Sat Oct 26, 2002
When PCs aren't the Center of the Universe - A fantasy/medieval d20 game doesn't need to revolve completely around the PCs. In fact, your world can be more compelling if the PCs need to work their way into the world to have an impact!

Sun Oct 27, 2002
Operation Left Turn: Plot Twists on the Fly - Despite all planning, the players often find a way to move beyond your preparations. This is an examination of how to avoid strictly funneling the players to only what you have set up in advance.

What topics will be discussed in future CMG DMing Chat Sessions?

That's up to you! Feel free to use this thread to suggest topics for discussion. We'll collect them here and announce the topic(s) prior to the chat session (most often on that Monday.) Sometimes when we have a special guest, we'll announce that in advance of the chat session to give people a bit more time to make arrangements to be present.
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First Post
This sounds great Mark. And yes a reminder posting or bump of this thread about an hour prior to the chat would be great.

Keep these discussions going for at least a month! I can't make it until after this crazy fall play is over (November 3 is our last performance of The Curious Savage).

Speaking of which... it's time for the shameless plug! If anyone lives in the SW chicago 'burbs and is looking for some entertainment the first weekend of November, come on down to lovely Bolingbrook High School and watch our performances of The Curious Savage a play about a jolly bunch of misfits in a sanitarium.

/end shameless plug :D


Mod Squad
Staff member
Okay, so we now know when the chat will be. Perhaps we should have a slightly more narrowed focus of discussion? Topics, anyone?

Buddha the DM

Any topics that you guys would like to discuss can be posted to the thread here. I will collect them and then pass them on to Mark.

Thanks, Buddha the DM!

For those who may not know, Buddha the DM (AKA Nichar from the chat channels) is one of the official moderators of CMG channel along with alsih2o! :)
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Ralts Bloodthorne

First Post
Topic Suggestion

My suggestion is the discussion on using other forms of architechture and society than the same old Western European Middle Ages stuff we has seen done to death.
How to mix and match it, and make it seem reasonable and believable.

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