DMs Guild Codex of the Infinite Planes Released!

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Codex of the Infinite Planes

Multiverse of Wonder and Adventure!​

Fully bookmarked 369 page PDF! Color interior art! Crack open the Codex of the Infinite Planes and unlock a multiverse of wonder and adventure!


Your world is about to get much bigger. Infinitely bigger, specifically!

Codex of the Infinite Planes is a Dungeons & Dragons supplement expanding upon the planes of existence. The planes have been a presence in Dungeons & Dragons since the earliest days of the game, with multiple sourcebooks (and even an entire setting) dedicated to describing the fantastic worlds existing beyond the Material Plane.

Most of these previously released sourcebooks are constrained in scope and content by serving multiple purposes. Codex of the Infinite Planes is dedicated to detailing exciting and usable content centered around the known planes of existence for the purpose of using in memorable adventures. The known planes of existence, in this case, includes the four elemental Inner Planes and their intersections, the two transitive planes, three echo planes, and sixteen Outer Planes.

Each plane receives a detailed description, including game mechanics handling hazards and phenomena, notes on traveling to and within the plane, a look at the powerful people and organizations operating on the plane, a review of the monstrous inhabitants, a host of interesting sites and treasures, random encounter tables for each plane, and adventure hooks providing examples of using the plane in a scenario. The information is largely aimed at Dungeon Masters looking to craft exciting adventures utilizing the planes, but the information is valuable to players looking to create characters tied to the greater multiverse of the campaign setting.

Other releases in the Infinite Planes series provide content useful in different ways. Monsters of the Infinite Planes provides creature statistics for over 200 monsters inhabiting the planes along with helpful generic statistics for planar NPCs. Heroes of the Infinite Planes includes new subclass options for each class along with new feats, spells, and magical items. Look for these releases on the DMs Guild!

Contents of the Codex

This book provides information for the Dungeon Master helpful to utilizing the known planes of existence in their campaign settings. Alternately, it can be used as a complete campaign setting in itself! The contents of the book are roughly defined as follows. Much of the information is meant to supplement the content in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, specifically Chapter 2: Creating a Multiverse.

Chapter 1 Essence of the Infinite Planes outlines the general principals of the planes of existence as they exist within Dungeons & Dragons, along with definitions for common terms used throughout the book.

Chapter 2 Using the Infinite Planes provides tips and suggestions on how to use the planes of existence in your campaign, along with details on traveling through them and a glossary of keywords that can be helpful to find useful information in the book.

Chapter 3 Gazetteer of the Infinite Planes forms the bulk of the book and includes detailed descriptions of 26 planes of existence.

Chapter 4 The Codex and Its Keepers describes the Codex of the Infinite Planes itself, along with the planar sages dedicated to studying its mysteries.

Chapter 5 Toolbox provides information for crafting new planes of existence. It includes a master list of all hazards and phenomena from Chapter 3 along with suggestions on how to build new planes of existence. They’re not known as the Infinite Planes for nothing!

Want to populate the multiverse with new monsters? Check out Monsters of the Infinite Planes!

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