DMs Guild Infinite Planes Has More Planar Material!

Weird Dave

Planescape is out in the wild, and the books in the set are beautiful - but they only cover Sigil and the Outlands. There's so much more - infinitely more, you might say. Why not hop through one of those portals in Sigil to an adventure across the planes? For gazetteer information, hazards, phenomena, strange sites, wondrous relics, monsters, new player options, spells, and adventures, check out the Infinite Planes products on the DMsGuild!

Codex of the Infinite Planes - Your guide to the planes of the D&D multiverse, 369 pages of gazetteer information, portal details, random tables, adventure ideas, hazards, and more. If you want to step outside of Sigil and the Outlands, here is your best guide! Available in print and PDF.


Monsters of the Infinite Planes - It's a great big multiverse out there, and the Monsters of the Infinite Planes contains critters, creatures, and denizens from across the planes to harass, harangue, or just hang out with your characters. Updates of favorites, brand new beasties, and more can be found in the pages here. PDF only for the moment but POD being worked on (with a new cover!).


Heroes of the Infinite Planes - A look at cultures across the planes to help suggest options for every heritage along with 45 new subclasses spanning all of the classes, new backgrounds, and new spells. If you want characters who are ready to take on the wonders of the multiverse, from Sigil and beyond, you'll want to check out this book! PDF only for the moment but POD being worked on (largely hampered by the changes being proposed in the UA articles but once that settles a POD option won't be far behind).


Tales of the Infinite Planes - What's an infinite realm of wonders without some adventures to go along with it? Check out Tales of the Infinite Planes, a collection of 8 full length adventures running from 2nd to 15th level. Also includes information on the World Serpent Inn, a wondrous nexus of infinite doors which fits perfectly into the streets of Sigil. PDF and POD available now.


There's more planar content to explore as well, including several volumes of the Encounters in the Infinite Planes series covering smaller digestible encounters and more adventures coming soon. Keep an eye out for more!

Dave Coulson
Scribe of the Infinite Planes

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