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Collective Nouns for Classes

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An illiterate of barbarians.
A barbershop of bards.
A doorstep of clerics.
A compost of druids.
A single pillar of fighters.
A smack of monks.
A smite of paladins.
A chuck of rangers.
A poof of rogues.
A squirt of sorcerers.
A freeload of warlocks.
A quadratic of wizards.
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Everyone knows that barbarians come in Hordes.
(OK, and Monks and/or Clerics in Orders)

Aside from that, mostly pretty amusing.

A strider of rangers.
A gallery of rogues.
Good ones.

Yeah, by extension....

I really, shouldn't, but less humorously:

A Horde of barbarians.
A Band Concerto of bards.
A Congregation of clerics.
A Grove of druids.
A Squadron Forlorn Hope of fighters.
An Order of monks.
A Lance of paladins.
A Troop of rangers.
A Gang of rogues.
A Disaster Sanguinity of sorcerers.
An Apocalypse of warlocks.
An Cataclysm Academy of wizards.

...OK, one of those may have been just a little funny...
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Rotten DM
A Barrel of Barbarians
A banjo of Bards
A Cull of Clerics
A dreg of druids
A fist of fighters
A mook of monks
A pal of paladins
A range of rangers
A rot of rogues
A sauce of sorcerers
A pad of warlocks
A wizz of wizards.


B-Rank Agent
Y'all are so clever, I'm only proud of one of these.

A Top-Off of Clerics
A Sentai of Rangers
A Dip of Sorcerers
An Hour's Worth of Warlocks
A Book Club of Wizards

And we should all just give up on new ones for Rogues, because Lowkey got it in one.

Cyan Wisp

These are hilarious. Favs: A clobber of monks (lowkey), a dreg of druids (jasper). I'll have a go...

A froth of Barbarians
A cacophony of Bards
A sermon of Clerics
A dreadlock of druids
A blender of fighters
A rush of monks
A choir of paladins
A volley of rangers
An evisceration of rogues
An immolation of sorcerers
A slither of warlocks
A grumble of wizards.

So, I was thinking about the collective names we have for certain groups (a murmuration of swallows, a murder of ravens, an obstinacy of buffaloes) and I was wondering why we didn't have a similar system for D&D?

So, without further ado, here is Lowkey's Fabulous and 100% Guaranteed Collective Nouns for Classes!

A yawp of barbarians.
A peeving of bards.
A fang of clerics.
A beatnik of druids.
A mercury of fighters.
A clobber of monks.
A perfidy of paladins.
A strider of rangers.
A gallery of rogues.
An inconsequential of sorcerers.
A ululation of warlocks.
A dolorousness of wizards.

You're welcome.
I didnt get the mercury of fighters

What was your reason? The rest seemed to make sense to me.


Small God of the Dozens
What, no Dunce of Paladins yet? I am disappoint.

I also like:
A Ki of Monks (you see what I did there?)
An Embarrassment of Bards
A Frolic of Fighters
A Soupcon of Sorcerers
A Harvest of Druids

That's what I got off the top of my head. I may dive in again.

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