Collective Nouns for Classes


|I think people have mostly been avoiding the obvious suggestions. I think the obvious step is start in on the level titles from 1st edition.


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
A boom of barbarians.
A braggart of bards.
A cloister of clerics.
A dram of druids.
A flog of fighters.
A muck of monks.
A pestilence of paladins.
A wrangle of rangers.
A rage of rogues.
A sibilant of sorcerers.
A waddle of warlocks.
A whimper of wizards.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
A Bandolier of Alchemists
A Pack of Barbarians
A Camaraderie of Bards
A Flock of Clerics
A Battle of Paladins
A Balance of Monks
A Quiver of Rangers
A Brace of Rogues
An Ensorcellment of Sorcerers
A Conspiracy of Wizards
A Disturbance of Warlocks


A Barrage of barbarians
A Blaring of bards
A Chicanery of clerics
A Drivelling of druids
A Fracas of fighters
A Meditation of monks
A Prelation of paladins
A Rancour of rangers
A Remonstration of rogues
A Salacity of sorcerers
A Woedom of warlocks
A Whimsy of wizards.


A Corporation of Artificer
A Raid of Barbarian
A Band of Bards
A Conference of Clerics
A Dolmen of Druids
A Phalanx of Fighters
A Stunt of Monks
A Judgement of Paladin
A Stride of Rangers
A Business of Rogues
A Fraternity of Sorcerers
A Gossip of Warlocks
A Symposium of Wizards

How about these then?
Y'know, sometimes D&D can be a little behind the times, sensitivity-wise...

An ethnocentrism of barbarians.
A censorship of bards.
An intolerance of clerics.
A climate change of druids.
An inherent violence of fighters.
A cultural appropriation of monks.
A persecution of paladins.
A military adventurism of rangers.
An incarceration epidemic of rogues.
An exceptionalism of sorcerers.
A satanic panic of warlocks.
A privilege of wizards.


Morkus from Orkus
I'd go with..

A silver horde of barbarians.
A instrumental of bards.
A mission of clerics.
A copse of druids.
A gang of fighters.
A hand of monks.
A gnome of paladins.
A rove of rangers.
A mafia of rogues.
A mystic of sorcerers.
A wart of warlocks.
A wand of wizards.