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Come With Me If You Want To Live! The Terminator Kickstarter Has Launched!

Nightfall Games' TERMINATOR roleplaying game Kickstarter has just launched! Based on the first movie plus the comic books, you can play in any time zone as a member of the human resistance.


The game used SLA Industries 2E's S5S system, which is a d10 dice pool system.

You can pledge for a 192 page hardcover for £40 on the Kickstarter (£12 for the PDF) or download the free Quickstart PDF. There's also a GM screen and short GM Guide on offer.
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Knowing me, if I were to GM this, I'd have either the Terminator theme from the movies OR from Mortal Kombat 11 play when the main Boss Terminator appears at that certain point in the campaign.

That does seem like an odd choice - first movie + comics only? Ignoring the other 5 movies - of admittedly varying quality - does feel limiting.

Secondary note - I've been a huge fan since the first movie but I've never really felt like it was crying out for its own RPG. It always felt more like something you added to an existing RPG.

Tertiary note - I hope it does well and it is over it's goal already) but the timing feels off for this. With the most recent movie a year past and not all that well received I have to wonder how much of an audience there is for this. River Horse put out a really nice Terminator miniatures game a few years ago that went absolutely nowhere and that seems like a bad sign. That said I'd be happy to be wrong and see it crack a half-million in a few weeks.


With only the first movie for inspiration, The Terminators do not roam the streets and the T-1000 not introduced, so how much play is there really in this RPG?


And unlike The Alien RPG which also lacks monster manual diversity, the Alien universe is much vaster than The Terminator one, and so many stories of frontier life and science on alien worlds can be told without having to trigger the titular xenomorph. The Alien universe includes themes of human greed, corruption and fear of the unknown alongside the human species' instinct to survive at all costs and still score a win for humanity.


I think there's plenty of play if they fill in some gaps for what the "Terminated Future" looks like. It may seem relatively limited, but adapting the ideas of survival in a wasteland where humans are a dying breed has a bunch of potential. It might not be just Man vs. Terminator. I'm sure there's some Man vs. Man in the mix, as well as Man vs. Environment. Let's not forget that the T-800 in the first movie is only one of several types of machines. Those Hunter/Killer drones seem pretty nasty, and I'm sure we'll see other machines popping up down the line.

It should also be noted that the "Burning Earth" was Alex Ross' first published comic work. Neat that there will be a module for it.


With only the first movie for inspiration, The Terminators do not roam the streets and the T-1000 not introduced, so how much play is there really in this RPG?
They've essentially got a blank slate for any adventures that take place in the near future or after Cyberdyne goes all bitchcakes on the world. The writers can fill in the gaps like West End Games filled in the games in Star Wars.


Well, that was fun
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With only the first movie for inspiration, The Terminators do not roam the streets and the T-1000 not introduced, so how much play is there really in this RPG?
Whatever you want. You can have as many Terminators roaming the streets as you want.

You know, if they give you rules for playing as a Terminator, you can just Homebrew Robocop and have him fight alongside ya.

But, doing the first movie and its related graphic novels avoids the "headache" of trying to balance a party of Playable Terminators.

The Terminators do not roam the streets
Depends on which era you go for: If your in the Future War, your day's gonna suck if you encounter a kill squad of Endoskeletons who are roaming the area to eliminate the survivors of a Resistance Unit they just ambushed and hit hard. Especially if a Flying Hunter Killer is providing air support.

If we're talking pre-Future War, then your gonna be dealing with a "Boss Level" Terminator that could've been easily dispatched with a Laser Rifle (Purple Laser Variant for maximized damage) in the Future War, but can tank multiple shotgun rounds because most ballistic fire arms do jack to an Endoskeleton and you don't have a Laser Rifle (Red or Purple Laser Variant) since such a thing hasn't been invented yet.

The first Terminator movie is technically the most grounded. The later movies are kinda crazy in their own right, but they open up their respective graphic novels/forms of media. Some that introduced the most insane concepts of Terminators: Like the T-Infinity and the T-1000000 from the T2 3-D: Battle Across Time special effects stunt show back in the day.

And as stupid/awesome(YMMV in how you view em) as they would be or even for the Legion/Rev-9, the notion of balance for them would be......well Terminated.
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I'm not that concerned about all of the T-800 variants and the T-1000 and the Rev-9. To me, that isn't the interesting thing about Terminators.

To me, the interesting thing about the entire Terminator franchise is the temporal chess match between two grandmasters, that neither is capable of winning without the other, and that keeps adding more pieces and players as it drags on.

I was most certainly not bitterly disappointed in Dark Fate. I was disappointed in its box office returns, because the end of Dark Fate was the first and only time I was genuinely excited at the possibility of another Terminator movie-- one in which Dani or LEGION sent someone back to retrieve John to gain an advantage in their war.

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