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Come With Me If You Want To Live! The Terminator Kickstarter Has Launched!

Nightfall Games' TERMINATOR roleplaying game Kickstarter has just launched! Based on the first movie plus the comic books, you can play in any time zone as a member of the human resistance.


The game used SLA Industries 2E's S5S system, which is a d10 dice pool system.

You can pledge for a 192 page hardcover for £40 on the Kickstarter (£12 for the PDF) or download the free Quickstart PDF. There's also a GM screen and short GM Guide on offer.
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

I was most certainly not bitterly disappointed in Dark Fate. I was disappointed in its box office returns, because the end of Dark Fate was the first and only time I was genuinely excited at the possibility of another Terminator movie-- one in which Dani or LEGION sent someone back to retrieve John to gain an advantage in their war.
Absolutely. For the first time since T2, I looked forward to what was next which, ironically, may be nothing, at long last.

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Solitary Role Playing
I'm only interested in running games in the future during the war with Kyle Reese before he is sent back in time. The desperado style missions would be awesome. Don't get attached to your character!


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Yeah that was my first thought and I’m surprised they didn’t explicit set the RPG there, especially with the time travel elements it used.
They said the license covers T1 and the comics. The rights are probably a big old tangle.

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