COMIC BOOK HISTORY: Rutland Halloween Parade

There are a number of comic book fans here so I thought I would share this.

Rutland Vermont has a parade done every Halloween. During the 70's and even in the 80's and early 90's a float was saved for comic book fans. It was a popular float and brought people from all over the area there. People you may have heard of.... Roy Thomas and Frank Miller among them.

As these people moved on and became a part of the comic book business they shared their joined love of the parades and had them mentioned or even showcased in the comics they wrote.

Rutland people found many of these float pieces and pictures and recently made a small museum piece of them.

I went to the Grand Opening to speak to members of the parade ongoers and listened to the stories including the original "Party after the Party" which was wild.

Here are a few photos I took to share.

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Keep in mind, most of these are 8X8ft. Huge! HALL 016.jpg

Ed Laprade

First Post
I remember seeing the parade mentioned in several comics at the time. Too bad it wasn't in Rutland, Ma - that's one of the next town's over from where I live.

Sad thing was..... I live in Arlington Vermont and never knew about it. I could have gone..... maybe not old enough for the after party however ;)

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