Kickstarter Coming soon: Launch of “The Magus & The Oracle” Kickstarter campaign from momatoes and NessunDove



Award-winning game designer momatoes and Italian publisher NessunDove team up to launch the Kickstarter campaign “The Magus & The Oracle: Solo RPG and Inspiration Deck” on 1 February 2024.

The Magus & The Oracle features the first ever English print edition of The Magus, a solo RPG about “pathos, calamity, and the infinite loneliness of power”. The game promises crunchy narrative mechanics that inspire players to write the journey of a magus aspiring for ultimate power, while being forced to sacrifice who they love. The prior digital release of The Magus has already been downloaded over 25,000 times on, with a perfect 5-star rating from 85 reviewers who praised its structure and design for creating memorable, moving stories.
The campaign will also be the first release of The Oracle. The Oracle is a 78-card deck that features illustrations from momatoes alongside a set of prompts on names, bonds, and moods that can be used with The Magus, other momatoes games, and any tabletop game. This deck has been dubbed an “inspiration deck” that acts as a tool for sparking ideas whether in journaling games, campaign planning, or even at the table.

The Magus & The Oracle has a funding goal of €7000 with several reward tiers for both digital and physical versions of the solo RPG and inspiration deck. The campaign page is open to follower sign-ups at

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