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D&D 1E Common House Rules for AD&D?


Victoria Rules
Two things. One related to the thread and another semi-unrelated.

1. You wouldn't happen to have run one continuous game for 30+ years and made the news a few times in recent years, would you?
Nope, not me. Right country, but wrong person. :)
2. In other threads about old-school gaming you've mentioned not liking player skill as a thing. So how do you handle things that games like AD&D would put under player skill? Ability checks? Non-weapon proficiencies? Something else?
Roll-under ability checks for knowledge stuff, a lot of the time. Puzzle or riddle solving I generally leave up to the players to sort out. Other than that, I do my best to not give players info their characters wouldn't have (and, flip side, try to ensure they get the info their characters would have) and just take it from there.

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