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Well, I absolutely agree with the hyperlink idea.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that I'm not so sure I like the multiple statblocks in one entry now that I'm involved in the guts of the system on a day-to-day basis. It doesn't make as much sense, given the database, to have some critters purely in the html description section. (Well, like I say, with things like the elementals, maybe it's too much to have them in separate entries, but anyway...) This seems to be a change that started somewhat arbitrarily around 2010 sometime, and there are plenty of examples of split critters. For example, the lesser and greater plumazotl, lesser and greater sea wyrms, lesser and greater thassalos, lesser and greater well spirit, least and lesser and greater guardian yugoloth, etc. (And those are just ones that aren't so different from each other.)

Most of the monsters with Lesser & Greater versions are like that because their AD&D originals were divided into Lesser & Greater creatures, and the Least/Lesser/Greater monsters also mostly had multiple statblocks in their AD&D incarnations too.

The Quakebeasts had an age category table in their original presentation, similar to a Dragon. We're not giving Dragons separate CC entries for every age category, are we. :p

Besides, it just seems inefficient to me on a "monsters-per page" basis. All three of the Quakebeasts would have to have a copy of the background/combat text, which seems needless duplication. That'd occupy a lot more space if we turn it into a pdf or if anyone wants to print them out.

That's more a personal preference than a serious obstacle though - they don't occupy much space in their digital CC version.

A more significant reason is I don't fancy rewriting the combat entry to make three different versions for each age category. ;)

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Extradimensional Explorer
A Miscellaneous Medley

This week we present some odds and ends. The amazon is a fearsome female warrior, while their counterparts the emezon are handsome male homemakers. Among the humanoids, goatfolk are monstrous bandits, and the hek dwell in the deep desert. The aurotyugh is deadly aberration that disguises itself as a pile of gold. The clockwork warrior golem and its smaller cousin the lesser clockwork warrior are spring-driven constructs designed to crush intruders, whose whirring gears can rend an attacker's weapons. The scythetail is a dangerous magical beast, and the skullcap ivy and vizier's turban are bizarre symbionts (or parasites, depending on your point of view).

With this batch of creatures we have mostly cleared the backlog of converted monsters, so new updates to the Creature Catalog will be occurring at a much slower pace.

Original Conversions
Amazon, Emezon
Golem, Clockwork Warrior [original conversion Clockwork Warrior]
Golem, Clockwork Warrior, Lesser [split from Clockwork Warrior]
Skullcap Ivy
Vizier's Turban


Good oh! I've removed them from the Waiting List.

That's be it for a while, until we've converted enough monsters to make up another batch.

Here's my current outline for "Batches to come":

Epic Threats
Assorted big hitters

Animal Lord, Hawk Lord FINISHED
Animal Lord, Lizard Lord FINISHED
Animal Lord, Wolf Lord IN CONVERSION
Elemaster, Air FINISHED
Elemaster, Earth FINISHED
Elemaster, Fire FINISHED
Elemaster, Water FINISHED
Protiston FINISHED
Titan, Andromidus PENDING [From Dungeon #2]
Ythog-Nthlei, The Dark King FINISHED

Oriental Haunts
The Seven Swords and some Pals, from OA2 Night of the Seven Swords

Flying Spirit (Tatami Goblin, Demon Blanket) FINISHED
Flying Spirit, Kyokotsu (Crazy Bones Flying Spirit) FINISHED
Ninja Spirit Shadow FINISHED
Seven Swords, The Reaper FINISHED [Sword #1]
Seven Swords, The Veiled Maidens IN CONVERSION [Sword #2]
Seven Swords, The General PENDING [Sword #3]
Seven Swords, The Shadow Walker PENDING [Sword #4]
Seven Swords, The Paper Warrior PENDING [Sword #5]
Seven Swords, The Screaming Child PENDING [Sword #6]
Seven Swords, The Keeper of the Key PENDING [Sword #7]

Sea Monsters!
Note that I'm planning to fold Dragon #190's Long-Necked Sea Serpent into the Merhorse, since they use the same stats (except for bite damage), are similar in appearance and are both "a giant form of sea lion".

Turtle, Father-Of-All-The-Turtles FINISHED [From Dragon #190] [Super Turtle]{plus Turtle, Grandfather-Of-All-The-Turtles?}
Great Orm FINISHED [From Dragon #190] [Super Worm]
Marine Saurian IN CONVERSION [From Dragon #190] [Super Croc]
Merhorse PENDING [From Dragon #190] [Super Sea-Lion, includes Long-Necked Sea Serpent]
Sea Serpent, Many-Finned PENDING [From Dragon #190] [Armored Serpent Whale]
Sea Serpent, Many-Humped PENDING [From Dragon #190] [Serpent Whale]
Super Eel FINISHED [From Dragon #190] [ditto]
Super Otter FINISHED [From Dragon #190] [ditto]
Yellow Belly PENDING [From Dragon #190] [Looks like Giant Tadpole]

Were-Things That Go Bump In The Night? Here!

Bird Maiden FINISHED [From Monstrous Manual]
Hyenawere FINISHED [From Al-Qadim Monstrous Compendium]
Leopardwere FINISHED
Loup du Noir FINISHED [From Dark of the Moon]
Lycanthrope, Wereleopard FINISHED
Seawolf, Greater FINISHED [From Monster Manual II]
Lycanthrope, Wererat, Greater FINISHED [From BECMI D&D]
Lycanthrope, Wererat Lord FINISHED [From Dungeon #62]
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Don't forget hazards for whenever we get the ability to upload them!

I have not forgotten about them, but we can't upload them at the moment so wanted to list them on a post that's separate from a "Batches To Come" list.

Speaking of which...


That's interesting, if I put the Color tags inside the underline tags I can get the underlining a different colour from the text.

Let's see...

Red Text With Ruddy Underlining
Red Text With Creamy Underlining
Red Text With Sickly Underlining
White Text With Ruddy Underlining

Never noticed that before.


Shirokinukatsukami fan
Quick question about the current conversions list -- what happened to the Jaguar Priest? Did that get included with one of the other Creature Catalogue uploads, or isn't that going to be uploaded to the database?


Shirokinukatsukami fan
Thanks. I see that's just the brief entry though, and not the more detailed template that you developed. I'm guessing that template isn't going into the official CC then?

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