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Converting Creatures from Other Campaign Settings


I like it!

Updating the Gladiator Lizard.

Any thoughts on description or flavor? Should we perhaps save some of the flavor until after we do the Bleak One to tie them together?

I'm fine leaving the background text until we've finished the Bleak One.

As for the description, that's pretty straightforward:

In poor visibility, this creature resembles an enormous armored warrior several feet taller than an average humanoid who wields twin swords. Seen clearly, it is nothing so ordinary; this is no humanoid foe, but a shambling reptilian horror shaped like a mockery of a fighting man. Its armor is thick scaly hide, plated like a rhinoceros, with bony spikes on its shoulders, and what looked like a crested helmet is its broad keratinous head. The monstrous thing's "hands" are yard-long talons as deadly as the blades they resemble. Its feet are clawed like a lizard's.
The above is basically a reworking of the description in the original short story, just a bit wordier.

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That's all good for me.

Updating the Gladiator Lizard.

So shall we tackle the Bleak One/Egg Guy now?


The first question, is are we doing it as a complete monster entry or just a hazard?

I recall arguing for Hazard, since "he" never leaves the egg in the original story, but used some kind of astral projection voodoo to geas victims to come to the Bleak Shore and get attacked by Gladiator Lizards that "hatched" from giant stone eggs.

Come to think of it, do we want to give the Lizards an ability to form a shell around them and hibernate? The AD&D monster couldn't do that, but the story implies they either cocoon themselves or hatch full grown from their boulder-eggs.


Extradimensional Explorer
Right! So what abilities does that give us for the Bleak Ones?
1. Astral projection + geas/quest. I wonder if we could almost base this on nightmare.
2. Cocooning itself? Or are they just eggs really in general?
3. Cocooning the gladiator lizards.
Anything else?


It would be easier if I just write up a rough draft and we tweak it from there.

Will try to whip something up later.

EDIT: Got distracted by life. Have to wait 'til later. :ENDEDIT

EDITED EDIT: Well I whipped up a first draft! :ENDEDIT
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Bleak One (CR #)
A small, pale skinned man in dull nondescript clothes with pale, lifeless eyes and a completely hairless bald head. He whispers "The Bleak Shore" and vanishes as if he were never there.

This creature is actually an intangible quasi-real illusion similar to the shadow duplicate created by a project image spell. It seeks out adventurers and casts a powerful enchantment upon them by uttering the phrase "The Bleak Shore." The bleak one's chosen victims must succeed at a DC ## Will saving throw or be affected by a powerful Enchantment (compulsion) equivalent to a geas spell with CL 18th that has been heightened to #th-level. This enchantment is a powerful curse that compels the victim to head towards a desolate shoreline where the bleak one has its physical body. The captivated victim senses the direction of the bleak shore, as if affected by a locate creature spell with infinite range. They will use the most expedient means of travel they have available, whether riding animals or vehicles, and will defend themselves if attacked while en route.

The bleak shore is a rocky beach completely devoid of life, not even an insect or scrap of seaweed. A few minutes' walk inland from the water lie scores of stone eggs ranging in size from a couple of feet to taller than a man. This "nest" is the destination that the bleak one's geas compels the victims to travel to. As soon as the victims walk up to the nest, two of the eggs crack open, producing fully grown gladiator lizards that immediately attack.

Should the victims succeed in slaying the lizards, they are still affected by the geas which forbids them from leaving the bleak shore. Every 1d4 days, another two gladiator lizards will appear and attack the geas victims. If the lizards succeed in killing the geas's victims, they will devour every scrap of the victim's flesh and equipment and then cocoon themselves back into stone eggs.

A DC ## Spot or Knowledge (nature) check will notice that one of the smaller stone eggs is subtly different from the rest and appears to have been deliberately placed in a position it is hidden from casual notice. If this egg is cracked open (AC ##, hardness ##, hit points ##), the true body of the bleak one will be found within. The creature resembles a lizard shaped like a humanoid embryo with the head and hands of a bald old man. It is unconscious and helpless. If the bleak one is killed (AC ##, hit points ##) the geas ends, the lizards drop dead, and all remaining eggs crumble to dust.

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