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Converting Maztica and Horde monsters


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This thread continues my idea of “cooperative conversions” started in this thread, converting a series of monsters from similar sources. For this thread, we will be focusing on monsters that first appeared in the Forgotten Realms offshoot settings’ – Maztica and the Horde - products.

What I will do is first post the creature’s original stats and flavor text. Then, I will post a basic outline of the things I think it needs, and then I will give you an opportunity to suggest stats and ideas on how powers and abilities should work. Then, I will add more to it and we will continue to discuss it until I feel it’s done and time to move on to the next. As we work on these creatures, they will be posted in this thread, and after 10 conversions are complete they will be added to the Creature Catalog. You may comment on monsters already finished, of course.

The following is a list of monsters from Maztica and the Horde that haven’t yet appeared in official WotC products, the Tome of Horrors, or the Creature Catalog. You may feel free to make suggestions, but ultimately I will pick what to convert and when. If I’m missing any monsters from this list or if any of these have appeared elsewhere already, feel free to inform me.


Maztica Campaign Setting

FMA1 – Fires of Zatal
Tabaxi - Jaguar Lord

FMA2 – Endless Armies

FMQ1 – City of Gold
Pasocada Ghost

The Horde

The Horde Campaign Setting
Centaur, Nomadic

Dragon Magazine #163 (pullout section)

FRA3 – Blood Charge
Ambuchar Devayam/Tan Chin
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so, want to start with maztica or horde? :) we can always switch back and forth between the two.


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For my part, I'd say Maztica...

Out of curiosity, will you be using the (Spirit) subtype from Oriental Adventures if you convert the manggus, the shimnus, and Monkey?


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Give me the dragon stats, and I'll get around to them, well at least the Rain Dragon :D

Edit: Wasn't there a couple of Maztica Monstrous compendeums? I have a distinct memory of a feathered dragon...(maybe I'm just imagening things again :D)
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as far as i know, the only monsters created for these limited settings are what you see listed above. therefore, this thread has a very finite purpose. ;)


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well, yes it is... but the FF ahuizolt is a very different creature from the maztica one. i'll start a creature tonight, and maybe later i will post the maztica ahuizotl's stats for comparison.


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ok, here we go!


CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Mountain caves
FREQUENCY: Very rare
DIET: Special
INTELLIGENCE: Very high (11-14)
ALIGNMENT: Lawful neutral

MOVEMENT: 12, Fl 12
THAC0: 15
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-3/1-3/1-3
SIZE: M (5'-7' tall)
MORALE: Steady

Chacs look much like slender jaguars. They generally travel on all fours, but they may assume a bipedal stance as well where upon they look much like werejaguars.

These spirits help control the rains in Maztica. From their cave lairs high in the mountains, they send rain out to the countryside. Those rare people who see a chac will observe tears trickling incessantly down its cheeks. This is not from any kind of sadness, but rather a sign of the creature's aquatic affinities.

Chacs are associated with a certain color, depending on where they live. Those in northern Maztica are associated with blue, those in the east with black, those in the south with red, and those in the west with yellow. Chacs in central Maztica are associated with green. A chac's eyes are of the appropriate color, and when one assumes gaseous form the mist is tinted with that same color. Thus, a chac in southern Maztica has red eyes, and its mist is reddish.

COMBAT: Chacs always seek to avoid combat, fighting only if they are threatened and no escape is possible. They possess magical abilities which they will use to protect themselves if need be. A chac can cast spells as if it were a 5th level priest of Azul, but can cast only water-related spells from the elemental sphere. In addition, they can cast weather summoning once per week, and assume gaseous form (as per the potion) four times per day.

HABITAT/SOCIETY: These creatures are nonviolent by nature, preferring to use their magical powers to govern the weather near their lairs. Though they use spells as if they were priests of Azul, only half are actually servants of the Giver of Rain and Taker of Breath. Those that serve Azul directly have evil tendencies, and some of these share lairs with rain dragons, or tlalocoatl. Most chacs may be appeased by local natives through gifts of food, while evil members of their race, especially those living with tlalocoatls, often demand a sacrifice of some sort.

If more than one chac is encountered, it will usually be a family group; with one male, one female, and one or two offspring (equal chance of either sex). Chacs have an elaborate mating ritual, involving merging essences while in gaseous form. The birth of a baby chac takes place a year later, and is often celebrated by all nearby chacs, who gather and produce a tremendous rainstorm.

Chacs tend to live long lives, some reaching ages of 100 years or more. A young chac stays with its parents until it reaches maturity (about five years). The death of a chac is generally followed by a drought of 1-4 weeks in length while nearby chacs are mourning, though some droughts last longer or are influenced by tlalocoatls.

Chacs are very shy and reclusive, and almost always avoid direct contact with intelligent humanoid life. Too many of their legends tell of chacs being captured by humans and harmed if they refused to produce rain in accordance with the whims of their captors. If a chac is captured, and other chacs find the identities of the offenders, they bring their combined powers to bear on the perpetrators, causing flooding or drought until the offenders release the prisoner and atone for their actions.

ECOLOGY: Chacs eat a combination of things, including meat and cocoa beans, but water is their main source of nourishment.

Chacs always have a hoard of 100-1000 cocoa beans in their lair, and they use the beans to produce a chocolate drink of which they are very fond. Chacs also collect art objects, especially carved jade and turquoise, but rarely of gold or other metal. A typical chac lair contains art pieces worth 200-800 gq.

Chacs have no natural enemies, and they get along with most denizens of their areas. However, a rain dragon will sometimes attack a chac to gain the moisture in its body. The rare humans who find chacs will sometimes seek to capture it, thinking to thus gain control over the rains.

Chac skin may be used as a material component for potions of gaseous form or sweetwater, while their claws are useful for some forms of hishna magic.

some preliminary stats for the chac:

Medium Fey? (Shapechanger?)
Hit Dice: 5d(4)+X (X hp)
Initiative: +X
Speed: 30 ft (6 squares), fly 30 ft (perfect?)
Armor Class: 16 (+X Dex, +X natural), touch X, flat-footed X
Base Attack/Grapple: +X/+X
Full Attack: 2 claws and bite? (1d3 each)
Space/Reach: 5 ft/5 ft
Special Attacks: spell-like abilities, spells
Special Qualities: gaseous form, spell resistance 17
Saves: Fort +X Ref +X Will +X
Abilities: Str X, Dex X, Con X, Int 13, Wis X, Cha X
Skills: X
Feats: X

Environment: Warm mountains
Organization: Solitary or family (2-4)
Challenge Rating: X
Treasure: ?
Alignment: Usually lawful neutral
Advancement: 9-16 HD (Medium); 17-24 HD (Large)
Level Adjustment: +X


Originally found in the Maztica Campaign Setting boxed set

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