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3E/3.5 CONVERTING MODULES to 3.0/3.5


Wow, I must say that I envy your collection. Good job on accomplishing such an accumulation...that must not have been an easy feat!

I'll take this opportunity to request (uh..beg) for a 3.5 conversion of a trilogy 2nd Ed. Greyhawk adventures:

Falcon's Revenge
Flames of the Falcon

It would be sweet to see these three converted. Whether or you actually get to these anytime soon, I do want to thank you for making such a generous offer to folks.

Adventure conversion is hard work. So far, I've only managed to pull off one conversion, which is posted in the conversion forum here at Enworld (Cleric's Challenge 2)

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Tomb of the Lizard King used to be in the old conversion library. Try Googling for it. There's a cached copy of the library on Google.



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If you were able to get around to that Lord of the Iorn Fortress 3.5 conversion someone else requested I would love a copy.

macmathan at gmail dot com



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Pickaxe said:
There's a OD&D module I really like, one of the X series called Castle Amber. I wasn't sure if it had been converted yet.

if the paizo crew likes my submission, i might just be writing an article converting the monsters from this module... :uhoh:


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dl area down

since the down load area is down would like the conversions for temple of elemental evil, and against the giants, and the drow and and demonweb queen please email them to baeeleb@hotmail.com Thank you in advance


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Looking for Conversions

I would love to have copies of the following adventures converted to 3.5 if possible. If so, please email them to me at dgmiller@sccoast.net .

The Sentinel
The Gauntlet
The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
The Egg of the Phoenix




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MacMathan said:
If you were able to get around to that Lord of the Iorn Fortress 3.5 conversion someone else requested I would love a copy.

macmathan at gmail dot com


I have been the DM for Lord of the Iron Fortress and we use the 3.5 rules, so I converted the adventure to 3.5.
Most of the creatures don't change when they are converted from 3.0 to 3.5, but
the Pit Fiend at the end does, so I changed it to a bone devil, so that the CR almost stays the same.
The steel predators don't change, only their DR change to 15/magic and silver.

For me the adventure didn't change much, most things I did convert on the fly.
But if you have questions about the conversion do ask and I hope I can answer them for you.



P.S. Everyone a Merry Christmas


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andargor said:
My DM would love the Rod of Seven Parts converted to 3.5e, if it's possible.


The Arms and Equipment Guide has a conversion. This isn't strickly 3.5e. Its somewhere between 3.0 and 3.5. It was written while 3.5 was being developed, so they had some idea of what was coming. It is applicable.

They have several unique weapons from old modules, like Blackrazor, Whelm, and Wave from White Plume. I remember seeing the Rod of Seven Parts listed in there, too.
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BOZ said:
3E artifacts are somewhat less impressive than 2E artifacts... IMHO. ;)

Agreed. It's odd, because I was just thinking about this a few hours before I read your post, BOZ. I'd say they're not just less impressive, but they're relatively unimpressive compared to their 1e and 2e counterparts. I've been thinking that straight conversions from older editions, retaining every power, to the new one would satisfy me more. The "official" conversions have often left me cold.