D&D 5E Converting Rest Abilities into the Monster Recharge System


So I had a thought for a more dynamic kind of game with greater power usage.

In the normal game, battle dyanamics are shaken up by the available resources. Either the players are low on abilities, or are choosing to consciously hold them back.

That is a fine dynamic, but I was thinking of trying one where its more the frequency of abilities is the dynamic, instead of whether you have low or high resources. So I went to the system that already does that, the monster recharge system.

The simple change is as follows:

Short Rest Abilities: Convert into a (5,6) recharge. Example:

Action Surge -> Action Surge (5,6). This means just like in the core rules, the fighter can roll a check each round to see if he recovers each ability. I would make all recharges 5,6 for ease of use.

Long Rest: Each hour, a spellcaster recovers 1d6 levels of spells, and gains all spell slots on a long rest. So a 2 on the roll could recharge a 2nd level spell, or 2 1st levels.

So the short rest one seems simple and easy, but I could use more thoughts on the long rest idea. Is 1d6 the right number, is 1 hour the right duration, etc. My gut is that this makes short rest abilities way too good, and I'll need to counterbalance. It also requires a rework of the warlock, so please ignore the warlock for this discussion for the moment.

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