Cool battle map/terrain set-ups

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Oh... wow...

I feel totally inadequate as GM now.

Don't do that! I picked up papercraft terrain because of
my total lack of abilty to describe a setting...

BTW, it is really easy to get started (and many kits are free!)

You just need thick paper (cardstock), a printer, scissors/knife and glue.

RPGNow has great free starter kits from most designers.


Cute but dangerous
Oh I own a lot of sets already, but our laser printer is partially broke and would give me pink trees and red rivers or some such... which could be cool in some worlds but not the ones I am currently playing in :)

Our big LEGO battle will soon begin though. Husband spent a looong time perfecting the terrain.


Those interested in Terrain or mini's...

Dwarven forge has released their new line of Game tiles. These tiles are 25% the cost of their resin products, interchangeable, and they include swinging doors, stairs, columns, hallways, rooms etc... They have mentioned that these tiles are not going to get any cheaper (they ran a 2 million dollar kickstarter last year and bought a lot of inventory to bring the cost down), future restocking of these game tiles will be more expensive.

I could post a picture, but just google Dwarven forge and start drooling, they are totally worth it. If your on a budget you can save some money and easily paint them yourselves (they have painting videos), they also sell the paint and brushes.

In a few weeks Dwarven forge should be starting up their Caverns Game Tiles kickstarter, so far they look amazing!

For Old school metal miniatures Tome of Horrors 2 kickstarter ends in 3.5 days.


Now on KICKSTARTER: Elven Papercraft Tower & Wall Set

[h=2]Now on KICKSTARTER: Elven Papercraft Tower & Wall Set[/h][h=3](moved from Indegogo)[/h]


UPDATE: This campaign has moved to Kickstarter, there are now textures, animations, more (cheaper!) levels…
If you like the papercraft terrain here, be sure to check out the new crowdfunding campaign:
Elven Papercraft Tower & Wall Set
The project page features photos from my adventure log!

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Papercuts 2014 Awards - VOtign now through September 6th!

If you like paper minis and/or terrain - there are community-voted awards for design and/or construction!

Check out this board:

I've got two entries, one for the Winterhaven layout I shared here on Enworld which you can vote for on this post:


And a newer model/kitbash called "Evening at the Adventures' Guild" - vote here:


Of course there are a lot of models to look at, and you get multiple votes in every category, so enjoy!


The pics in this thread have been great! Thanks for posting them everyone, it has really been inspiring!. As you can see from my low posting number, I do not add content that much, however I thought I'd chime in on a technique I stumbled across on YouTube. The gentleman's moniker is "DM Scotty" and he has created what he calls 2.5 D. His show is the "DM's Craft". The technique is simple and he has tons of videos to show you how to do this. I love the technique, because it simulates the walls, so you don't have issues moving the minis around the tiles. They are simply made of cardboard, cardstock, glue and paint. I did add some modeling paste for the slime pools and clean water pools, but still very simple. As inexpensive as you can imagine for terrain. Here are some pics from my Pathfinder game:


Hope this adds to the conversation and gives you all some more ideas.

Game on!

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+1 to above thread. Although I've pursued the Dwarven forge terrain DM Scotty's videos are great for those who want great quality tiles and miniatures on a shoe string budget.

As for Homemade ideas. I've made 2 of these "battle chests" over the years.They're really easy to make and take only a couple hours. The bottom foam is 1/2 in, its glued to 1, 2, or 3in foam which is cut with razor knife.They're glued with tacky glue and dyed with black clothing dye (original foam is nasty green). I use a 40% coupon at Joans fabrics (deals happen twice a year, x-mass and 4th July'ish) so cost per chest is $10 tool box from Walmart, ~$25-$35 in foam, $5 in dye and glue. My original chest held 300-400 miniatures, but this depends on miniature size and how close you place them together.


Planescape's Infinite Staircase: Parc Güell as the Temple of Selûne

Because my D&D 5e campaign reached Paragon tier and they are going into the planes via the Infinite Staircase - and to find that, they need to visit the Temple of Selûne, in the plane of Ysgard - Well if THAT doesn't sound all otherwolrdly and just like Gaudi, I'm not sure anything would!

So - In a flurry of 20+ more hours of work, I finished it!

Please, enjoy my 3x scale partially collapsing Parc Güell that, all together overflows a 36" square table! I can't wait to reveal it to my players!

More snaps here:

Now, I have to figure out where to store it.


This year's contest just announced!

The 2015 Papercuts are now ON! You have one month (until 9/1/15) to submit your entries.

How to play: Make stuff out of paper, take a picture, start a thread in the appropriate part of the Papercuts Showcase boards.
Post your picture and a download (if a design entry) of the model or miniature.
Discuss and enjoy.
Entries submitted in previous Papercuts are not acceptable.
Forum Hoard submissions that have not been entered into a previous Papercuts competition are acceptable.

The submission deadline for this year is Tuesday September 1st, 2015.

There will be six categories for submission:

1) Best Single Figure - The design must be original*. Three pictures maximum to show off your work, download required.

2) Best Multi-figure - A group of figures. All figures must be original design*. Three pictures maximum to show off your work, download required.

3) Best Model kit - 3D terrain, vehicle, building- what have you, a multi-piece kit. Original designs only*. Three pictures maximum to show off your work, download required.

4) Best Tileset - Flat, two-dimensional maps with grids or no grids of any size or quantity. Original designs only*. Three pictures maximum to show off your work, download required.

Bear in mind that once they are uploaded here I will be gathering the submissions and creating a downloads gallery at just like I do for the Hoard submissions. So putting up an entry for a limited time download just to be an entry then removing the download post-showcase would not be acceptable.

5) Papercraft in Action - A diorama** scenic category. Models and miniatures can be from any published or original source. Papercraft must feature prominently in this categories entries, but can also feature elements from other mediums; metal or resin minis and models for example. Three pictures maximum to show off your work, no download required.

6) Hot Rod and Kit-bashers - A papercraft diorama** scenic category, but with a personal twist. This category is to highlight how you improved, modified, or mangled someone’s work. There are many examples in this forum of users modifying a designers work. Three pictures maximum to show off your work, no download required.

7) BEST IN SHOW - The one entry that says Papercuts 2015 to you. This category will be assembled from all of the other entries in the other categories.

One entry per participant per category.

*Original design; Re-skinning someone else's model with original textures doesn't work, that belongs in the kit-bashers category. You can pull textures and modify them for use from sites like as long as you give credit; "Some textures in this model were used with permission from" Peeling somebody else's texture work off of a finished model also wouldn't count as original work.

** The emphasis of the diorama categories should be on how well you built your pieces and presented them.
Be sure to add model sources; Miniatures by Okumarts and Squirmydad, models by Squirmydad and Worldworks Games, ground tiles by Fat Dragon Games. No download required and the diorama does not have to be made up of pieces that you personally designed.

Prizes will be in the form of gift-certificates to One Book Shelf.

The prize amounts are as follows;
Single Figure Design
1st $20.00
2nd $10.00
3rd $5.00

Multi-Figure Design
1st $50.00
2nd $35.00
3rd $20.00

Model Design
1st $30.00
2nd $20.00
3rd $10.00

Tileset Design
1st $30.00
2nd $20.00
3rd $10.00

Papercraft in Action Builders
1st $20.00
2nd $10.00
3rd $5.00

Kit-Bash Builders
1st $20.00
2nd $10.00
3rd $5.00

Best in Show: $30.00

Design submissions will be in the form of photographs of your figures and models as well as a free download of the entry. I recommend services such as Dropbox for the download and for the image hosting. Create a new submission in the appropriate forum category between now and the deadline; 09/01/2015.

Builder submissions will be in the form of photographs of your figures and models. I recommend services such as Dropbox for the download and for the image hosting. Create a new submission in the appropriate forum category between now and the deadline; 09/01/2015.

Judging will be determined 100% by forum member voting.

Photography is a factor due to the fact that if we can't see it well, it will affect the scoring. Modifying the presentation image for lighting and sharpness is acceptable, just don't add embellishments to the presentation picture that are not present in the finished model or miniature. Likewise make sure it is easy to download your model or miniature design submission.

Rules of entry subject to change, but hopefully not. Check back periodically for updates. Have fun with creating your submissions, and Good Luck!

Single Figure Design Submissions
Multi-Figure Design Submissions
Model Design Submissions
Tileset Design Submissions
Papercraft in Action Builders Submissions
Kit-Bashers in Action Builders Submissions

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