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[Corporia] Playtesters wanted!

Mark Plemmons

I'm in need of some playtesters to crunch some rules (or rule some crunch) in my Corporia RPG draft. Math has never been my strongest subject, and I could really use some number-crunchers to make sure my combat/monsters/other rules aren't way off base. I've already got some good playtesters giving feedback on theme and general rules and such, but I'd love to get some playtesters who'll be able to give some good feedback on combat.

The system is rules-medium, but (hopefully) not complex, and (again, hopefully) fairly fast and cinematic. Rolls are usually [ability + skill + high roll on 2d6] vs TN, or vs opponent's roll in combat. Armor reduces damage, but makes you slower and easier to hit. If the final damage result is greater than a particular ability score, you suffer a wound. When the number of wounds reaches a certain score, and you're down but not out. Take one more wound and you're out - and will die within a certain amount of time if not healed.

Here's one of my older blog posts that details a bit of the setting:
but there are plenty of other posts to browse, too.

I'll provide playtesters with a link to a private folder where I have the draft PDFs. The design and writing isn't completely finished, so comments on that will be appreciated, but my main concern now is the numbers.

You can email me at (remove the spaces): consulting designer @ gmx.com

In the email, please provide me with some background on your gaming experience. I want serious testers, not just people who want to read a book! Obviously, I'll make sure you get credited and (at least) a PDF copy of the final book.


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