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cost formula for mounts


I’ve said several times how to handle collaboratively a situation where a player is allowed a new option, and it doesn’t work out. I have no idea how one could conclude I can only envision its working with threats and punishment when I’m saying it can (and should) be handled without them. :p

Anyway, no sense beating a dead horse (though I guess some players might want to take that as an undead companion). Further discussion probably ought to be a topic of discussion for the general forum, and I don’t have the bandwidth for that. 😂

Anyway, regarding the mount issue, I don’t share your pessimistic read of PF2. Like I said before, I think the list is incomplete rather than exhaustive. There aren’t a lot of good mount companions on that incomplete list, but it’s easy to augment with new ones (and your method of pricing them out is good). If you do that, they should probably have the mount special ability since it’s better they be saddled by the rider than by limitations.

What do you think of creating a feat to allow riders to treat their companions as having the mount special ability (or maybe replacing their standard one with it)? Given the cost of a feat, it seems reasonable. Of course, it could end up being problematic or broken in some way. If that happens, then it’s time for that collaborative approach I discussed before.

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