Kickstarter Craft Epic Adventures with "Tavern Tales"

Terry Herc

Ever been in the midst of crafting an epic RPG session and found yourself longing for that unique spark? Introducing Tavern Tales: 100 Adventurous Rumours – a compilation of tantalizing tales, designed to bring depth, mystery, and wonder to your next campaign.

This zine boasts 100 system-neutral fantasy hooks, each one a portal to a myriad of adventures. Whether it's chilling legends about treasures hidden deep within phantom-haunted crypts or sagas of legendary creatures residing in the depths of ancient woodlands, we've got a tale for every kind of adventurer.

Our Kickstarter journey has been nothing short of fantastic. We've surpassed our initial target, and with your support, we're aiming to unlock even more enriching content. Dive into a universe of endless storytelling possibilities.

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