D&D 5E Crafting & Alchemy by Cubicle 7 crowdfund is live


I crit!
Cubicle 7 5e Crafting book kickstarter!
Crafting & Alchemy — two brand new 5th edition supplements to make your mark on the world! Forge legendary weapons and armour using Hammer & Anvil, and brew fantastical and deadly potions and poisons with Mortar & Pestle!

From the award-winning team that brought you Adventures in Middle-earth, Broken Weave, A Life Well Lived, Uncharted Journeys, and Doctors and Daleks!

Link note that’s some kind of reference link? Dunno.

Here is a “clean one”

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Now I stopped to play Fortnite: Save the World and I am playing the videogame "Shop Titans". I wonder how would be a D&D "shop-keeper simulation" where the characters are "survivors" in a "bastion" and they have to craft to improve the bastion following a different path of "leveling up".

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