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D&D 5E Creating a new character tonight... First in 3 years!!!


Dusty Dragon

Plucky Honorbound, Goblin Paladin, has survived 1st Level!

At 2nd Level I suddenly gain a ton of spells (I took the Blessed Warrior fighting style, which gives me two cleric Cantrips) and Smite. He's still a cowardly goblin, but now I'm saying he uses the mantras he learned as a Knight of the Golden Hart to gain brief moments of bravery!

I'm still using a lot of Stealth, though! Guidance + Stealth = basically a Rogue?
Great stuff!

How many sessions did it take to reach level 2?

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I'm taking a break from running my D&D game tonight, and another player is stepping up to run Lost Mines of Phandelver. For the first time in three years I get to create a brand new Level 1 character.

I am so excited!

Here are some ideas I have:

A Dragonborn Bard with Noble Background: seeking his own stories after living a pampered life.

A Halfling Artificer with Knight Background: he rides a dog, has three dog servants, and eventually will build a dog Steel Defender.

A Goblin Paladin with Knight of the Order Background: his goblin tribe got adopted into a broader Order of Ao, now he quests though doubts his own faith.

A Human Druid with Folk Hero Background: a man of the people who has farmed his whole life, but recently joined a druid circle when he led a mob against corrupt land owners.

An Elf Fighter with Scholar Background: stealing @Ancalagon 's idea for an old sword sage testing his teachings in the real world.

I'll let you all know what I choose tonight! Obviously it'll be based on what the other players choose.

When's the last time you created a brand new 1st-Level Character (or any other level)? What did you choose? What concepts did you leave behind?
All of them sound cool. I would pprobably be partial to the Goblin Paladin.

I rolled up a new character today too. A Drow, currently level 1 Wizard who is going to be a multiclass Bladesinger/Undeath warlock.

She has urchin background, grew up in Menzobarrenzen taught herself some magic. Eventually she pledged herself to the Vengeful Kiaransalee to get revenge on someone who harmed a friend.

Level Up!

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