WOIN Creature Types

Shaun Palmer

Creature types in the 1.2 rules are a little confusing. Some races/creatures have multiple types. How does this effect spell casting vs creature type?

The types listed for PCs are different for NPCs. Orc & Goblin PCs are goblinoid humanoid, but the NPCs are fey goblinoid (and listed under Peoples in the WRRD)
Which is correct? Are they all correct?

Also, where there are difference in Creatures/NPCs stats in the 1.2 rule books and the online WRRD should the WRRD be considered the correct version. For example, Skeleton in the WRRD has Piercing Damage as an immunity, the rule book does not.

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Just a tourist passing your way...
Yes, creature types and exploits are quite confusing so far; even within wrrd rules for incorporal aren't consistent.

Wrrd seems to get more and more weird, some rules are outdated, some seem to be newer than 1.2 pdf/prints (conditions for example).

I hope for the Monster Manual morrus promised 😆
Hopefully it will cover more than only one WOIN part (would also buy multiple ones if there are different ones upcoming).
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