D&D General Critical Role Campaign 3 on Marquet! And the premier episode to be in Theatres!

Were people genuinely asking that?
There was some idle speculation. I think it was mostly just people who themselves don't tend to stick to one system thinking that switching systems from time to time, particularly at the end of a long campaign in one system, is just the natural thing to do. And hey, for some players and groups it is absolutely the natural thing to do. I don't think it is particularly the natural thing to do though for a group where most of them had a long struggle to learn the rules they're playing by now, enjoy now being comparatively confident in their hard-earned mastery of them, and would have to struggle with new rules while trying to be entertaining with a large number of people watching. And that doesn't even get into issues of this particular group having built a highly successful brand playing a game that continues to be the most popular tabletop system and having business ties with that system.

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Oh yeah, there were folks who genuinely thought Ashley couldn't handle 5E and therefore they were going to switch to like Pathfinder 2E or a much more simpler system. All completely nonsense IMO.

Some players aren't in it for the mechanics. Though for players like that, it can be handy to give them some sort of quick reference for what their character can do, or the odd prompt ("is that a reckless attack or a regular attack?"), etc, so they're not floundering in combat.

After something that got mentioned in the S2 wrap-up, my personal "wouldn't it be cool if...." hope is a Warforged character.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I think we will see Taliesin will play something new and experimental, unless Matt is tapped out of ideas. My guess is a Rune Child or whatever Gilmore is, or maybe Aeormaton.

Liam I think may play a Paladin or a Monk. Someone devoted to something greater than themselves, who can be lethal as hell. He loves call backs enough i wouldn't be surprised by a Shadar-kai devoted to the Raven Queen, or an Ashari, though he just played one in EU.

Sam will play something silly. Possibly something small again, maybe an animal person? A grung fey ranger would be pretty great. What races are common in Marquet?

Laura I think might play one of the things she hasn't played due to someone else having a character concept for that class already, so a rogue or warlock.

Travis is a tough one, because he seemed to miss playing a simple beat stick, but also enjoyed being smart and tactical. Maybe a Battlemaster Fighter or something like that, that kinda lets him do both?

Marisha and Ashley I don't even have any guesses. Marisha will probably play something challenging and versatile, but Ashley gets to be fully dialed in to the game for the first time, so who knows.

I hope someone plays an artificer!


Space Jam Confirmed
I think Ashley will play a rogue.

Somebody will play a bard. Liam, Taliesin, or Laura could all do it well.

Could see Marisha playing a warlock or paladin. She likes options but I don't think she wants to go full caster again.

A sorcerer is likely since it's the only class none of them have touched throughout two campaigns.

Much like campaign 2 saw no gnomes or half-elves after loads of them in campaign one, I predict zero tieflings and zero aasimar in campaign 3.

Someone will play an elf, and someone will play a dwarf.

Outside guess: somebody will play a yuan-ti pureblood, which will put that race on the map for a lot of casual players.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I actually think we will see at least one of the stranger races this time. Maybe a Harengon, maybe a Tabaxi, maybe just a Genasi, but I definitely think this group will be less human and near-human.

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