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D&D 4E Crowd intelligence required: references & pages to all 4e classes


Hey friends,

my group are diehard 4e fans and we've been churning through lots of adventures over the years and still not getting enough of it. As we'll be playing this edition for many more years to come as it seems, I wanted to set up a thread where I can list all the classes ever released for this edition (including Essentials) paired with the source book or issue of Dragon Magazine and the corresponding page numbers for quicker reference. We're literally trying them all out :D So this compilation is mainly for our own purposes, but I'm putting it online for the crowd intelligence bonus and because others might find such a list useful, too.

Just getting the ball rolling with the original PHB for now. I'll add more of them to this original post over time. If others can supply source books with precise page numbers that helps with the project, but it'll be done sooner or later either way :) EDIT: Current status: Added everything except for the various Rules Supplements :D:D:geek:

Reference Guide for all DnD 4e Classes:

DnD 4e PHB1 (June 6, 2008):
Cleric: p60-74
Fighter: p75-88
Paladin: p89-102
Ranger: p103-115
Rogue: p116-128
Warlock: p129-142
Warlord: p143-155
Wizard: p156-171
PHB1 Epic Destinies: p172-175

Forgotten Realms Player's Guide (September 16, 2008)
Swordmage: p24-73
Forgotten Realms themed feats: p130-139

DnD 4e PHB2 (March 2009):
Avenger: p32-47
Barbarian: p48-65
Bard: p66-81
Druid: p82-117
Shaman: p118-135
Sorcerer: p136-151
Warden: p152-169
PHB2 Epic Destinies: p170-175

Eberron Player's Guide (June 2009):
Artificer: p44-57
Eberron themed Paragon Paths: p58-79
Eberron themed Epic Destinies: p80-83
Eberron themed Feats: p86-94

Dragon Magazine #379 (September 2009):
Assassin: p16-38

DnD 4e PHB3 (March 16, 2010):
Ardent: p22-41
Battlemind: p42-61
Monk: p63-79
Psion: p80-97
Runepriest: p98-115
Seeker: p116-133
Hybrid Characters: p134-155
Epic Destinies: p156-161

Heroes of the Fallen Lands (September 21, 2010):
Warpriest (subclass of Cleric) p80-121
Knight (subclass of Fighter): p123-145
Slayer (subclass of Fighter) p146-167
Thief (subclass of Rogue) p169-191
Mage (subclass of Wizard) p192-244
Heroes of the Fallen Lands themed Feats: p309-319
Heroes of the Fallen Lands themed Epic Destiny "Indomitable Champion": p245

Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms (November 16, 2010):
Cavalier (subclass of Paladin): p117-147
Hexblade (subclass of Warlock): p201-236
Hunter (subclass of Ranger): p149-174
Scout (subclass of Ranger): p175-199
Sentinel (subclass of Druid): p83-116
Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms themed Feats: p309-321
Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms themed Epic Destiny "Destined Scion": p237

Dragon Magazine #397 (Class Compendium: Warlord) (March 2011):
Marshal (subclass of Warlord): p1-31

Dragon Magazine #398 (Class Compendium: Fighter) (April 2011):
Weaponmaster (subclass of Fighter): p1-32

Heroes of Shadow (April 19th, 2011):
Vampire: p49-62
Executioner (subclass of Assassin) pp15-32
Blackguard (subclass of Paladin) p33-48
Binder (subclass of Warlock) p63-81
Shadow themed additional Cleric options: p82-85
Shadow themed Warpriest (subclass of Cleric) options: p86-89
Shadow themed Warlock options: p90-92
Shadow themed Hexblade (subclass of Warlock) options: p93-97
Shadow themed Wizard options: p98-109
Shadow themed Mage (subclass of Wizard) Schools:
  • Necromancy: p110-111
  • Nethermancy: p112-113
Shadow themed Paragon Paths: p138, p140-151
Shadow themed Epic Destinies: p152-156
Shadow themed Feats: p156-158

Dragon Magazine #399 (Class Compendium: Cleric) (May 2011):
Templar (subclass of Cleric): p1-35

Dragon Magazine #400 (June 2011):
Scoundrel (subclass of Rogue): p1-30

Dragon Magazine #401 (July 2011):
Arcanist (subclass of Wizard): p1-36

Neverwinter Campaign Setting (August 16, 2011):
Neverwinter themed Warpriest Domains: p53-63
  • Corellon Domain: p54
  • Oghma Domain: p57
  • Selune Domain: p60
  • Torm Domain: p63
Bladesinger (subclass of Wizard): p66-83

Heroes of the Feywild (November 15, 2011):
Berserker (subclass of Barbarian): p42-45
Heroes of the Feywild themed Barbarian Powers: p46-52
Protector (subclass of Druid): p69-76
Heroes of the Feywild themed Druid Powers: p77-85
Skald (subclass of Bard): p54-58
Heroes of the Feywild themed Bard Powers: p59-68
Witch (subclass of Wizard): p86-90
Heroes of the Feywild themed Witch Powers: p91-101
Heroes of the Feywild themed Paragon Paths: p116-120
Heroes of the Feywild themed Epic Destinies: p121-125
Heroes of the Feywild themed Feats: p126-132

Heroes of the Elemental Chaos (February 21, 2012):
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos themed Druid Powers: p62-67
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos themed Monk Powers: p68-84
Elementalist (subclass of Sorcerer): p85-91
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos themed Sorcerer Powers: p92-95
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos themed Warlock Powers: p96-104
Sha'ir (subclass of Wizard): p105-109
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos themed Wizard Powers: p110-119
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos themed Paragon Paths: p122-138
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos themed Epic Destinies: p139-141
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos themed Feats: p142-145
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos themed Elemental Companions: p146-150

Rules Supplements still to parse:
Adventurer's Vault 1&2 (Date) (Yet to come)
Arcane Power (Date) (Yet to come)
Book of Vile Darkness (Date) (Yet to come)
Demonomicon (Date) (Yet to come)
Divine Power (Date) (Yet to come)
Dungeon Survival Handbook (Date) (Yet to come)
Martial Power 1&2 (Date) (Yet to come)
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium (Date) (Yet to come)
Open Grave (Date) (Yet to come)
Primal Power (Date) (Yet to come)
Psionic Power (Date) (Yet to come)
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Do you have links to the rules errata for the various classes too? I'm not sure if the compiled rules errata includes all the errata or if some slipped through that (also the link to the compiled errata died sometime after 2021 unfortutely, had to go through the waybackmachine to find it...)

Edit: Apparently it's not a complete errata due to some changes being included in "reprints" which changed rules without being "errata", so the compliled errata does have some holes.
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