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Hello! For my home campaign (Pathfinder RPG), I'm using the location of Fordkeep and Wainford of the ISRP Crossroads Setting. But the thing is, I need to expand upon the number of shops, merchants, important sites, and notable NPCs and (possibly some info on some of the local Patron regulars that frequent the town). If there is any further information that can be provided, it be helpful.

Also, how big is Fordkeep? Population-wise, hamlet/town? (similar to the small town of Diamond Lake?) What effects has the adventurers/ubber rich patrons have on the economy on Fordkeep? What sort of traits would you describe a person native to Fordkeep would have?

Example: Taken from AP 3 Second Darkness.

Important Sites
Several of the more important locations in Riddleport are described below.
City Mortuary​
: This large, nondenominational chapel is maintained by the churches of Cayden Cailean, Calistria, and Besmara, and is used for funeral services and burial rites. It features its own attached mausoleums for those who can afford interment there rather than in the common graves of the Burying Ground.

People of Riddleport
Over ten thousand souls call Riddleport their home, but very few of them actually have any real positions of power. Some of the city’s more notorious folk are detailed below.
Anton Mescher
: Overlord Cromarcky’s right-hand man, Anton oversees the city’s fortress-prison and leads the gendarmes.


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I would direct you to Canonfire.com

The site has more material on Greyhawk than any other and is where most 'Hawk Grognards hang out.

Hope that helps.


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Thank you! The site has been really helpful but alot of the stuff I'm trying to do is similar in making a Player's Guide using the material from ISRP's past (which should have lots of material to use from reading the message board and seeing the creative stories done by others) and offer it as a resource to my players.

Basically, this is a run down of what's I'm trying to do.

Races: common greyhawk info on races and some new ideas on races introduced by the CRT setting (basically my daddy was from Krynn and my Mommy was from Ravenloft, but I was born on Oerth! etc)
Classes: common greyhawk classes and new ideas and spins on them
Character Traits – Traits Unique to Ford's Keep Setting (Survivor of the Viyach Lemarg, Student of the Adepts, Child of the Alliance, Dragon-Raised, Accelerated Childhood, etc)
A Welcome to the Cross Roads Setting Brief Info

And of course the size and statistics on Ford's Keep. Example:

Ford’s Keep
(Small?) Town, Alignment, GP Limit. Demographics: Population, Type of population. Authority Figures

In regards to above, I assume the town is small, the alignment is Neutral, the GP limit a bit more advanced then normal (probably common to a small city).

And of course, I've add in the additional details like Ford’s Keep at a Glance, Life in Ford’s Keep, Important Sites, Deities of Ford’s Keep, and People of Ford’s Keep (including organizations and types of benefits of joining/restrictions), etc.

If others would like to give suggestions, I would be happy to take them as well.


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So you want people's notions and memories of the ISRP version of Ford Keep, not the canonical Living Greyhawk version, to use for a version of Ford Keep in your home campaign?


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In living greyhawk cannon, there isn't much on Fordkeep other then a website dedicated to it in mysterious places.

So yes, the ISRP version.

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