Cubicle 7 No Longer Producing The One Ring and Adventures in Middle Earth

Cubicle 7 has announced that it will cease publishing Tolkien-related games, including The One Ring and Adventures in Middle Earth, in early 2020. The One Ring 2E is cancelled.

Cubicle 7 has announced that it will cease publishing Tolkien-related games, including The One Ring and Adventures in Middle Earth, in early 2020. The One Ring 2E is cancelled.


‘I am with you at present,’ said Gandalf, ‘but soon I shall not be. I am not coming to the Shire.’

We have some very unfortunate and unexpected news to share. Contractual differences arose recently which we have been unable to resolve, and so we have decided to end our licensing agreement with Sophisticated Games. It is with regret that we have made this very tough decision to withdraw.

This means we will cease publishing The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth™ in the first half of 2020. Unfortunately, this doesn’t give us enough time to release the much-anticipated The One Ring – The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game second edition. As many of you know, our first edition of The One Ring is eight years old, and we had high hopes of a full product line to support our second edition. Our team have worked incredibly hard on this new edition; with many of the announced titles already written and edited, so being very close to completion makes this decision even harder.

We fully appreciate how invested so many of you are, both in regards to stock and your love of the game. Especially those who have followed our journey from first edition, or have customers who have pre-ordered the second edition or Rohan Region Guide. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

We will continue selling our existing stock over the next few months. We will be offering some discounts on our website for consumers as part of our Black Friday sale this week. We will not be reprinting any of these titles, so if you wish to stock up, we would suggest you contact your preferred distributor soon.

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Punk Rock Warlord
Huge fan of Cubicle 7 here. I’ve been a repeat customer for years and always thrilled with the quality of their products — including the AIME and TOR works. My heart goes out to the team at C7 and to all the fans who’d preordered 2e.

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Enjoyed reading the books since I enjoy LOTR and the Hobbit and other Tolkien works. Never really used them in game and I did use the sale to pick up the 4 books I’ve missed lately so more enjoyable reading on the way!

Paragon Lost

Terminally Lost
Damn. I need to get my hands on all the books I’ve been meaning to get, soon.

I saw the news yesterday morning on my Instagram feed due to following Cubicle Seven. I hadn't snagged the last three releases yet and since I'd been trying to support my FLGS I'd been buying the physical products from them and hadn't snagged the pdfs (which I like to also have). So in a panic I went to Cubicle Seven's site and and snagged the three recent physical books which came with pdfs free of charge.

Then I went to DrivethruRpg and snagged the other eight products pdfs, all toll I tossed out $224.00 to get it all, but now i'm covered. So many well done rpgs out there and only so much free cash to spend on them. At least if I don't want my wife to beat me with a baseball bat. lol.


I crit!
So C7 was the publisher? And sophisticated was the designers/writers? Or is it more complicated than that? Can sophisticated find another publisher? Or go it alone?


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
So, I have two sets of the original core books for TOR. I don’t have any real issue with them, but I understand that the single core book they sell for it now is much better organized.

Is it worth grabbing if we aren’t hugely annoyed with the original set?

I’m trying to figure out what to buy right now and what I can risk never getting lol.


Makes me wonder... might Sophisticated sub-license to either Modiphius... or to FFG (who might view it as a lucrative opportunity to adapt the LotR RPG to their Genesys/narrative dice system, given the impending release of the Amazon TV series)??? FFG does generally have a bigger presence/share in the overall gaming market than either C7 or Modiphius.

Just thinking aloud...

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