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Cubicle 7 To Stop Publishing Lone Wolf

Cubicle 7 has announced in a short that it will no longer be publishing the Lone Wolf RPG, which they’ve produced for the last 8 years.


Unfortunately, due to some recent unexpected developments, Cubicle 7 will no longer be publishing Lone Wolf roleplaying games with Holmgard Press.

Cubicle 7 would like to thank you for your support over the years since our Lone Wolf Adventure began in 2013. As fans of Lone Wolf since childhood we have really enjoyed working on this line and creating adventures for all the brave and noble warrior-monks.

That’s all they’ve said at this stage.
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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Ghal Maraz

I'm expecting that the RPG books will follow the same direction of the gamebooks and will now be published by Holmgard Press, the small-press publishing house directly owned by the son of Joe Dever.

Well, if there is anything I've learned from collecting the Adventures in Middle-Earth 5E books by Cubicle 7, it is this: If your interested in these books, get em NOW because they are gonna be a pain to get, normal price wise, once this happnes.


My understanding of Cubicle 7’s process is that they have completely separate teams dealing with their different product lines, so I imagine it’s not about a staff resource issue. More likely to be either licensing, loss of a key person on the design team, or the line itself not being profitable.


In that happy April news announcement there were supposed to be more books, do not like Lone wolf is dead, until now:

More details will be revealed soon, but the Book of the Magnakai has been confirmed as among the first of the new slate of releases.

Magnakai will take characters from Rank 10 to Rank 20; that’s enough to become a legend. It will include new abilities and powers for Kai Lords and other heroic roles.


The actual game books have a very distinctive (but different) art style, too. Very early British fantasy art, although not the proto-Warhammer stuff that Fighting Fantasy had. (Which makes sense, since the folks behind Fighting Fantasy were a large part of Warhammer when it started up.)
Considering that Gary Chalk did a lot of stuff for Games Workshop as well as the Lone Wolf art there's a direct Warhammer link.


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Wait…: there’s an APP? For the Lone Wolf books? The books that I wanted ALL of as a kid but simply couldn’t get?

And now I can have them ALL?? Where?!?

Ghal Maraz

First of all, the Lone Wolf gamebooks are freely (and legally) available online at projectaon.org. And they've been so for the last twenty years or so. Only exceptions are the more recent volumes (n. 29-31 and the yet unpublished n. 32). At the same website, you can also find The World of Lone Wolf, Freeway Warrior and Combat Heroes gamebooks series, all created by Joe Dever, alongside plenty of related material, including automatized character sheets.

Thanks to the material published on projectaon (which has been revised, amended, corrected and uniformed), there have also been some Apps created for Android phones: the most recent, completed and successful one seems to be Lone Wolf Saga.


I never played Lone Wolf and from the lack of discusdons here, it seems not to be a popular brand.

Ear, we may have had speculations within speculations. Why did Cubicle7 vomit yo producing more Lone Wolf products in April this year, then the same year months later with only a new PDF published, Cubicle7 stops all Lone Wolf publishing.

I bet something sinister is afoot, especially with the radio silence.


It’s called an NDA. Many licenses don’t let you talk about them. Pretty standard.
I know about Non Disclosure Agreements.

It is the timing that is suspicious. In April this year, Cubicle7 made a public announcement to publish more Lone Wolf and suddenly in less than three months it stops publishing. The severance clause mist surely kick in.

Please keep is posted, this story may have more legs than a millipede.

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