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Creature Cataloguer
there you go! erik has hinted that the article in #339 will be "Creature Catalog IV" and that he wants to print "Creature Catalog V" within the next 6 months.

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First Post
hand and eye of Vecna....

Hello everybody,
I would like to convert Vecna Lives ! in 3rd edition, but I don't have any idea how to convert The Hand and The Eye of Vecna (the two lieutenant not the items..)
did you have some idea about it ?


Monster Junkie
I added links to all the threads, and realized I'd forgotten the Planescape thread! :eek:

I've since corrected that error and added a request. ;)


Monster Junkie
I'm adding a request for the Mihalli and Vriyagga from Dragon #4, as these are about the oldest things left to convert. (December of 1976...nearly 30 years ago!) :D

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