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we already had done the dusanu and phanaton, though i could have sworn that someone once requested the nagpa?

and you may notice - at least two (if not 3) of those were in our Mystara proposal. ;) it's clear to understand why it got canned...

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Monster Junkie
Shade said:
I'm adding a request for the Mihalli and Vriyagga from Dragon #4, as these are about the oldest things left to convert. (December of 1976...nearly 30 years ago!) :D

On further review, these critters are actually from Tekumel/Empire of the Petal Sun, and thus aren't really D&D monsters.

That makes the prowler from Dragon #7 as our next eldest. (And it is in D&D format!)


Creature Cataloguer
heh, just to satisfy my own curiousity, i checked... and yes, we did have the nagpa, phanaton, and dusanu in our proposal. ;)

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