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Curse of Strahd 7pm Est Wednesdays



Curse of Strahd (Revamped)​

Game: D&D 5e

Experience: Intermediate

Day/Timezone: Wednesday at 7 pm EST/ 6 pm CST/ 5pm MST/ 4pm PST

Frequency: Bi-weekly or weekly, as desired ($15 per session Fee applies)

Length: 3-hour games

DM: David

Begins: 4/21/21 7 PM Est/ 6 pm CT/ 5 pm MT/ 4 pm PST

Would be “heroes,” yoked into service by the charismatic wiles of fate, are led to the roads between worlds. The group soon finds themselves under the raging storm clouds that frame the ancient walls of a castle perched high above a rustic, mountain-side village.

Thunder pounds the castle’s crenelations, and howling winds buffet its spires. From the aging parapets, a silhouetted turns its gaze down towards the village.

Far below, yet not beyond the figure’s keen eyesight, the party of adventurers has just entered the shadow’s domain. In a flash of lighting, its cold lips form the barest hint of a smile.

Then, the figure is gone! Only the howling of the wind fills the midnight air. The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner, and you are invited...

Welcome, one and all, to Barovia, a land shrouded in grim mystery. The Gothic Horror themed adventure is the winner of the 2016 ENnie Awards. How will you navigate its immersive sandbox? What shape will your gothic narrative take?

Disclaimer: This game is 18+ due to graphic violence, gore, horror, and implied sexual themes; as Tracy Hickman, one of the original authors of the 1st edition and 2nd edition AD&D Ravenloft and House of Strahd quests put it, the vampire is “a decadent predator, an abuser hidden behind a romantic veil.” That is the villain you should expect to find, fight, and hopefully kill.

This game is a “grimdark” experience saturated in the tropes of gothic horror; it is not a high fantasy adventure. The elements that make it stand out from other campaign settings are its use of fear, horror, and insurmountable odds. Where the typical D&D adventure is an experience steeped in the tropes of empowerment, this campaign is steeped in the opposite (at least at first). These are staples of the Ravenloft setting, and such games are not for everyone!

1) Cursing is allowed at my table, but I request that it be used as a tactic for the purpose of character building and authenticity—in other words, in moderation. Keep the nature of your vulgarity and the comfort of your table-mates in mind. If you are asked to tone down your use of vulgarity or avoid a particular use of it in the future, be mindful of that request

2) Be respectful of the time people spend in the spotlight. Please, try to keep talking over one another to a minimum. Granted, we will all be getting to know one another, and over time we should develop a rapport that will avoid such issues. As a good rule of thumb, use roll20’s typed-chat feature in between turns when instigating a tangential moment of RP while another party member is currently RPing; use discord’s similar feature when speaking OOC or cracking jokes.

3) Mic check! We've all been in a game where we heard the background of another player’s mic. This can and does diminish the fluidity of the game as well as people enjoyment. No one needs to hear the crunch of your snack between rounds of combat! Make sure to mute yourself while eating, or else avoid eating during the game.

4) The majority of this game will be run via the rules as written. If you want to do something on the fly that bends the rules but does not outright break them, the rule of cool comes into effect! During a game, my adjudication is final. You may contact me privately if an adjudication bothers you. I may choose to alter future adjudications based on your expressed argument, but I reserve the right to refuse to do so. Do not bog down playtime with debate. That being said, I am fine with a “rules lawyer” helping the table by briefly citing an arcane and often forgotten rule or trying to elevate the game during epic moments, but once I make a call, leave contention and debate for post-game discussion.

5) Follow “Wheaton’s Law” and have fun!

What you can expect from me: I’m an English literature PhD candidate with private play tester credits in various 5th edition D&D books and an obsessive passion for the structures guiding narrative, storytelling, and roleplaying games. I have had 29 years of experience with D&D, grew up playing 2e, and have DMed for the vast majority of my tenure as a table-top gamer. I actively oppose the “competitive-DM” mentality. My goal is not to best my players. Together, as a group, we will be creating an emergent narrative. I am merely that narrative’s guide.

Conversely, actions have consequences. If you start murdering and stealing, expect the world to respond realistically. Likewise, Barovia is a grimdark sandbox filled with threats that are often too powerful for a group to defeat when they are initially discovered. If you choose not to run when the world and I both give you ques suggesting that an encounter might be too tough for a combative approach, the results of those choices are yours to deal with. Fair warning, no punches will be pulled and no decisions retconned!

In the past, I have found that this setting and campaign are greatly enhanced by a few house rules and optional rules from the DMG. I, however, am here to facilitate your experience! As such, the following rules will be discussed during our pre-game session. We will choose together whether all or none of them shall be adopted:

1) You need a healing kit or a DC 10 Wisdom (medicine) check to use hit dice during a rest.

2) If you use a Wisdom (medicine) check for the above purpose, that check is made after you roll your hit dice to heal. If the check fails, any hit dice that roll a naturally odd number still provide healing, but any hit dice with a naturally even result are wasted.

3) Long rests do not heal any hit points. They only return 1/2 your hit dice at the end of the rest.

4) You may use hit dice to heal during a long rest. Such healing is provided in the first hour of a long rest.

5) Failed Death Saves only refresh on a rest (short or long), not when you regain hit points.

6) If you take more falling damage than your Constitution score, you must make a Con save equal to the damage taken. On a failure, you drop to 0 hit points and must start making Death Saves until you stabilize.

This is pay to play. Anyone interested in joining or who has any questions contact:


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