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Custom Final Fantasy-ish class question

Kid Socrates

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Okay, I run a Final Fantasy d20 game that I've put a lot of effort into, trying to create everything from scratch, and I'm starting up a second one, since my first game has gone to online with my old roommates moving. The game's only myself and two players, so it's relatively high-powered, with magic done via materia (so no base spell-casting classes, so I deal more with class abilities in place of basic spell-slinging). I've got one player being a summoner, so I'm working on the custom class for that, and I thought about having her choose an Aeon (big summoned creature, for those who don't know) at first and every fifth thereafter as a chosen Aeon, in the same general idea of the ranger's chosen enemy.

To differentiate between her and my existing summoner in the online game, I thought about having her take on aspects of the chosen Aeon any time it's summoned, with those abilities ramping up as she gains in level (i.e., every time she gains a new chosen Aeon, the existing abilities she has go up a level). Only thing is, I'm still trying to figure out what abilities those work.

I'm trying to think if there's a prestige class that works like this in a standard setting, just to pillage for ideas. But really, I thought I'd mine the brains of my fellow EN Worlders just for system ideas on how best to structure this. I already thought of having it go:

1st: +2 to primary Aeon's stat (i.e. Ifrit adds +2 Strength to the summoner for the duration of the summoning)
3rd: +4 to primary stat
5th: +6 to primary stat

But that's just an idea. No idea how well it'd work.

It doesn't have to be completely "balanced," since I'll be figuring all this out, and I haven't begun building the other class quite yet. I have pretty easy-going players, too, and if something doesn't seem fair, they let me know, and I adjust it so it works better from there on out. Nothing's ever set in stone. Custom-building each class helps that, if it does add a lot of work on my part.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I put together a FFX-style summoner for Spycraft once on a lark. You might find the psionic construct creation rules in the XPH very helpful in providing options for design-your-own Aeons, and for allowing them to grow with the summoner's experience. I had summoner's soul and aeon's soul as class abilites that provided distinct jumps in the process. I gave out to option to visit a temple and bond a new aeon at 3rd and every other level there after so that characters could eventually master as many as nine (like Yuna and presumably others that complete the full summoner's journey).