Cyberpunk Red & Stargate Both Delayed

The pandemic has already delayed WotC's Mythic Odysseys of Theros for D&D, and closed several conventions for the year. Now two more game companies have announced that their big releases will be delayed.

R. Talsorian Games' Cyberpunk Red was slated for a June release, and has been pushed back to the end of summer.

We’ll just come right out and say it. The TRPG industry got punched in the gut by the pandemic and there’s just no way we can release in June without compromising quality. We’re currently looking at summer’s end for a release but until the world calms down and things stop fluctuating, our crystal ball is full of fog.


Stargate, from Wyvern Gaming, was going to launch at Gen Con in August. The Kickstarter has been pushed to Winter 2020, with a release in 2021.

The main reason we decided to delay was that we felt that a lot of people are feeling a financial crunch at the moment and would only spending money on necessities for their families ... Also because we had planned to launch at Gen Con 2020, but believe it is likely to be canceled or at the very least greatly diminished in attendance. We felt it would be prudent to delay the physical launch.

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As much as I liked Cyberpunk 2020, I feel concerned about Cyberpunk Red. I hope I'm wrong.

I picked up the "Jumpstart" box and I'm optimistic. I played CP2020 to death years ago, and I'm well-versed in the tone and the background story. The setting changes - that is, the addition of decades of new history - since 2020 are interesting and make sense. The changes to the Net are interesting, too, and along with them the changes to the Netrunner and how runs work are a big improvement over the former system - it looks like a Netrunner could do his thing alongside a party, instead of being separate from it. It always felt, to me, that Netrunners didn't fit well at a table with Solos and others, because the Net intrusions were so separate in activity from typical play. They've changed that entirely.

The combat system is streamlined and less crunchy, although the boxed set provides only part of it, so I can't fully assess that and the changes in it.

Overall, I'm happy with it. I do wish they'd incorporated some newer rules ideas that have come up over the last two decades of game design, as the system is pretty much the same as the old one in terms of how tests are determined and decided. But again, the Jumpstart box is only a summary glimpse of the whole rulebook to come, so maybe there's more.

I played in a short online Cyberpunk Red game that ended until the full rules could come out and we could advance our characters.
It was okay. You could definitely see how the ruleset hasn't really evolved since the 1980s with far, far too many attributes and skills. And no reason not to grab the biggest gun.

Dire Bare

I don't see why they had to delay the KS for the Stargate rpg.

Delaying CP Red I do understand.

Wyvern Gaming, the company behind the new Stargate RPG, explain why in the OP article above. I'm bummed there is a delay, but I get it and I can wait.

I'm more concerned about that cover art . . . not a fan.

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