DMs Guild D&D 5e All about that spear! (The Hoplite subclass , new feats, new weapons, magic items and NPC statblocks featuring the spear weapon!)


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Hello to everyone I hope you are all safe and healthy :D

This is the second title in my series "All about that weapon!" where I expand on a weapon in many different ways. The spear is usually outshined by other weapons and it is rarely seen in DnD 5e games. This always seemed odd to me since it is one of the best (if not the best) weapon for more than half of humanity's history. So if you are intrested on creating a spartan-like warrior, learning new feats, equiping your character with epic magic spears or fighting an enemy Phalanx of Hoplites the time is now!

"All about that spear!" (The Hoplite Subclass and more)

Inside it you will find:
  1. The Hoplite Fighter Subclass, a spartan-like warrior.
  2. Four new feats featuring the spear and other thrown weapons.
  3. Two brand-new weapons the longspear and the sarissa.
  4. 11 new magic items including an artifact.
  5. Three spear armed NPC Star blocks to help or fight your players.
It has a full review option where you can read it for free before you decide if you want to support me!

If you buy the product I would appreciate your opinion at the reviews good or bad, so I can improve. :)

Finally if you have any intresting fact about the spear or any stories from your spear armed warrior i would be delighted to talk about them in the comments :D

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I am very happy to anounce that "All about that spear!" has now its own Fantasy Grounds version thanks to Rob Twohy and his team. Additionally my spear baby is about to hit Copper best seller so any support is very appreciated. You can check it out here:

All about that Spear! (Fantasy Grounds)

Thank you for the support :love:



Aaaaand Done! Took a while but "All about that spear!" is now a Copper best seller !!! If you are intrested there is no better time to get it since it has a 20% discount due to the cyber monday!

Thank you all for the support and for your interest :D


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